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The Norris Nuts
The Norris Nuts

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  • Biz

    This makes me so sad to here since I have a puppy..Justin had a big heart and didn’t mean too and I understand how it feels to lose A pet. All the legends love you.. R.I.P Bubba Norris.

  • Ruby Semple
    Ruby Semple

    awe!!! i’m gonna miss poor bubba 😇

  • Bella Howell
    Bella Howell

    rip bubba:(

  • Fatima Chippa
    Fatima Chippa

    oh no the puppy justin it not your fauly

  • Mariam Alkandari
    Mariam Alkandari

    Did u broke up

  • Roxanne Passmore
    Roxanne Passmore

    What happened to get bubba to make her die I love the NN we all know that brook and Justin are the best people in the world

  • Elle Crawford
    Elle Crawford

    I have been watching your vids for 4 years and Justin is so kind and always put himself first and this is not his nobody’s fault sometimes things happen and we have no control over it and sometimes just because people are there to watch it happen the get the blame.

  • Frankie Sheriff
    Frankie Sheriff

    Bubba will always have a place in your family and she is heaven watching over you. I hope the kids will recover soon and stay positive xxxxx

  • Casey Roberts
    Casey Roberts

    It’s a very traumatic experience, you are great parents for handling it the way you did. My dad let my pets outside to get lost when he decided he didn’t want them..

  • Sophie Lightfoot
    Sophie Lightfoot

    Yall should honestly try look after ur pets more. U got it 4 days ago and max plays with her guinea pigs like toys and lost one of them. Please don’t buy animals if ur abusing them

  • Anna Gomm
    Anna Gomm

    I love watching the Norris nuts and I watch them everyday whenever I see a new episode I just like yep im watching it

  • #Dabstcorn

    It’s ok Justin. We still like your such a nice amazing person and things like this do unfortunately happen in life. We still love you as the person you are deep in your heart. It’s ok you’ve got us legends to be there with you. 😌

  • Jitesh Devalia
    Jitesh Devalia

    I feel really bad for u guys and I think we all know that Justin has a big heart and wants to make his family happy

  • Deborah Wilkinson
    Deborah Wilkinson

    We all understand what happened and will support you both

  • Daniel Ziada
    Daniel Ziada

    Fuck all of you CUNTS

  • Emersen

    This broke me

  • just donuts gaming
    just donuts gaming

    Dont worry Norris nuts i know it most be absouloutly tragic and so sad and i can not imagine what it would be like if my dog went through that. Also we named our dog sockie :) But Bubba might have been in pain but u didn't know that its not your fault at all! Also Im sure Bubba will have a good life still in heaven :) I hope this made u fell beter :)

  • Elizabeth Muller
    Elizabeth Muller

    I am so sorry. It must of been so sad for you guys. We know it is not your fault. Praying for you. ❤

  • Ava Travels
    Ava Travels

    OMg! I’m so sad for you that was so cute do you get your money back because you are the nices people I ever seen and I was crying when you said that I feel bad for papa because he tried so hard to get you this.are you going to get a nother one?😢

  • ꧁namisan꧂ One piece
    ꧁namisan꧂ One piece

    That’s why I don’t bring like your pets outside

  • Kittens

    They say dogs and cats have 9 lives maybe you could get another and we all forgive you Justin and brook

  • Day Night Gacha
    Day Night Gacha

    How did it die tho???

  • dahyuzn

    rest in peace bubba💕 shes in a better place now :)

  • Jack Woolterton
    Jack Woolterton

    Rip bubbas

  • Krystina Zepeda
    Krystina Zepeda

    justin is nice for letting his family get a dog. but they should’ve know that if they weren’t gonna take care of it, they wouldn’t of gotten it

  • Madison Playz
    Madison Playz

    Your gonna be okay R.I.P

  • Steven McCarthy
    Steven McCarthy

    Omg this is like shocking to me its ok bc i know how the norris nuts feel

  • Declan Team coach
    Declan Team coach

    Poor bubba good on you Justin for being honest

  • Ruby Koch
    Ruby Koch

    Justin your a great man and youve tried to makr ur family happy but you have made a mistake. Thats ok u cqn find out what will make the NN feel better and if thats getting another puppy thats ok Lots of love

  • happy_sunflower

    i feel really bad for justin, he doesn’t deserve hate! he is an amazing dad and puts everyone first before thinking about him. justin was just in the wrong place, wrong time. please dont hate on justin he was just trying. rest in peace bubba.. <33

  • That's EPIC
    That's EPIC

    It’s ok guys

  • Sophie Schuetz
    Sophie Schuetz

    I can't even imagine what they are going thru

  • غالية عبيد
    غالية عبيد

    Rip bubba fly high 💗

  • Addyson Daily
    Addyson Daily

    I am so sorry but bubbas in a better place now he will be watching over yall I love y'all y'all are the best people ever but I'm sorry

    • Addyson Daily
      Addyson Daily

      God bless y'all

  • Hungry-apple763

    What I would do is : sell the Guinea Pigs and never own a pet again, you seriously must be the worst owners on the planet. This could come across as hate but if you can’t last a week without a dog being alive just never own a pet

  • #forLifersss

    Omggg I’m so saddd I send u all my love guys I’ll be with u to the end <3

  • Thea Gregson
    Thea Gregson

    Exactly like bubba

  • Gacha_life563

    Me at start: JUST TELL ME! Me at the end: 😭😭😭😭😢😢

  • Regan Flanigan
    Regan Flanigan

    I am so so so sorrry

  • Sophiedog00

    Rip bubba💜 We all have you in our hearts ♥️ We love you so much! I’m gonna miss you 😢 Love you Bubba💜

  • Sarah Buchanan
    Sarah Buchanan

    Justin is just the nicest person ever always putting himself last so others can get what they want 😊☀️🌼 NNs should surprise Justin with a Lamborghini for 24 hrs but really for ever 🤩 cos he deserves it 🚘 Catch Me Knuckles ✋🤛 😚

  • Cameron Skillman
    Cameron Skillman

    My cat passed away from being tangled up in a net

    • Cameron Skillman
      Cameron Skillman

      He was 2 months old

  • Strabry Milkx
    Strabry Milkx

    How did this happen? Was she sick? Did she get hurt? What happened?

  • Charli

    Justin is the best dad in the whole world in how he sacrifices so much for his family. He takes such a big role in the kids life and you can really tell they love him. Thank you to Mama Papa and all the Norris nuts for being so real and honest in one of your toughest times. I love you guys so much and hope you guys feel better soon 💗💗

  • Scarlett Walker
    Scarlett Walker

    I feel so bad for you guys. I hope you can get another dog

  • MinEr

    Dont worry norris nuts before when i was like 3 we had like 3 dogs and sadly one of them died by hanging on a fence, and around later on when i was like 8 or 9 we had another dog but she sadly died of tic disease

  • Kurapika is Bald
    Kurapika is Bald

    I’m not even a fan of you guys but this is truly sad, I put all my hopes for you guys to recover from this tragedy.Justin this was not your fault and as a person who has gone through this myself I feel terrible for you,don’t think it’s your fault at all we are all here for you.I know this will be a very tough time for All of you and I hope you all will get over this,I hope that’s the Norris nuts aren’t to hurt over it and I hope they understand that it truly was a mistake it was no ones fault.I wish you all the best of luck R.I.P Bubba

  • Kenzie Hatt
    Kenzie Hatt

    So sorry I love dogs so much I have a golden retriever mixed with lab and a german shepherd and I love them so so much and I lost the best cat in the world in november and I cried for days and I still sometimes cry myself to sleep I loved her so much😭

  • MckTv

    Im Am so Sorry Brooke And Justin,Your puppy was very Cute! Bubba will be in heaven! Bubba is with many other dogs and she is very very happy!

  • Gabbveryfilmy

    I just feel like they can’t take care of animals much. There dog shouldn’t even be out at night alone! It’s just irresponsible that they can buy some many things for there dog but not a cage. It doesn’t matter if the dog was tiny. I’m not hating, i’m just saying that it’s not responsible that they left the dog alone in the night when it’s dark.

  • xoxaurall

    im so sorry the family had to go through this. but i got emotional when they said sockie had ti hold it while its life was passing because i knew that sockie wanted it the most.. <3 i really hope you guys can get another pet

  • Nicole Harper
    Nicole Harper

    Justin was never going to let Nas guinea pigs but he did Justin witton park the dog on purpose it was an accident and I'm sorry that you guys had to go through that specially the Norris nuts cuz they didn't deserve to have to go through that and it was an accident waiting to happen so I hope that whoever judges them I hope you get smacked in the face with it or I'm not a mean person but if you judge them that's what you should get and I'm not a mean person at all

  • Mooshroom

    We don’t care if u take a break for a while

  • lab rat
    lab rat

    I am so sorry to here that happened I hope you are all doing well 💗

  • Gemma Ackley
    Gemma Ackley

    You guys can’t take care of the guinea pig and can’t take care of a pet. The pet died in 5 days of being in your hands. Pls stop getting pets for their safety. Catch me knuckles.

  • Sophieplayz

    Sorry some of it doesn’t make as much sense are use the voice recording thing and I don’t really go over it so sorry


    Awww boba noooo ! I really hope your okay xxx

  • Charli Challis
    Charli Challis

    How did Bubba get hurt? 😢 You don’t have to answer if it’s to personal. R.I.P Bubba 🐶

  • Sadie Stratton
    Sadie Stratton

    Am I the only one thinking that this also happened to SmellyBellyTv

  • Molly’s cooking show
    Molly’s cooking show

    I’m so sorry for your loss 🥺😭 2021/2021 😭😭😭😭❤️ I hope u guys are alright

  • Daisy valley stalls
    Daisy valley stalls

    OMG I’m so sorry dear lord I hope this puppy goes to heaven Amen 🙏🏼 I’m so sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


    I'm so sad but I'm still confused on how Bubba died please someone explaing

  • Kathrine Evans
    Kathrine Evans

    I want to cry so bad I feel bad the dog was like 3 or 4 months old probably

  • Any Lotus
    Any Lotus

    It wasn’t Justin’s fault baba will love all of you,! I feel so bad biggy and naz where so attached to baba and now they must feel there not attached again 💔 but that will never happen baba will watch all of you and think I love so so much ❤️‍🩹😭💗🐶🐶 baba STAY STRONG 😇😭😭💪💪💪💪

  • lydia martin
    lydia martin

    Bravo Justin its like being scared of heights and sky diving but you did it for other people its not your fault you were just minding your own business don’t take this hard on yourself. 😇R.I.P😇

  • Karen Pritchard
    Karen Pritchard

    We all know that you guys just wanted to have a puppy, it was just sad times. I dislocated my dogs arm once, and I was screaming but I can't imagine losing him. You guys know though, Bubba will go to heaven. She will be your dads new puppy, sent from you. You guys are so strong. R.I.P Bubba, we will miss you. Xx

  • Lizzie Suaz
    Lizzie Suaz

    I am a big legend and hearing the new it made me sad because di know the pain that it feels cuz I’ve been trough it many times and i know it hard sometimes to let go of some

  • mo D
    mo D

    how did the dog die??? like ran over?? squeezed???

  • Sarah Williams
    Sarah Williams

    We’re the legend army. We support you! R.I.P

  • Plasma

    Wait so how did it die?

  • Mooshroom

    I’m so sorry Norris nuts

  • Mikela Awana
    Mikela Awana

    its not your fault accidents happen all the time


    I am so happy I subscribed. I am only 9 but I know how feels to lose an animal.😭 hope the Norris nuts are feeling fine.

  • Natalie C shorts
    Natalie C shorts

    It happens everyday you will forget about the day he died RIP Bubba And your dad bye sorry for your loss😭😭😭😢LOVE NORRIS NUTS BYEE😚😚😚😚🙁

  • Hannah Curtis
    Hannah Curtis

    R.i.p bubba

  • SailorSophia 01
    SailorSophia 01

    I’m so sorry, I love animals and cannot imagine seeing it die. The puppy is in heaven in a better place and not suffering. The puppy loved you 🥰 😭

  • princess somzi
    princess somzi

    i mean accidents happen so PEOPLE DONT JUDGE

  • Sophia Ravn Johansen
    Sophia Ravn Johansen

    I think you went a little over the line :(

  • Lauren Lyles
    Lauren Lyles

    I’m so Srry to hear that Rest In Peace Bubba sending love and support from USA 🇺🇸❤️