Where is Naz? also - someone's birthday and we share some private special moments...
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In this video we find out why Naz Norris has not been in the vlogs. Lots of comments last video where asking "where is Naz?" you can see that video here isdowns.info/lift/r6LIjG2ZfHmmab8/v-deo Now we will answer why Naz is not in the vlogs. Also come share some private moments when Papa has his special birthday letters.

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  • The Norris Nuts
    The Norris Nuts

    Watch more of us - EATING ONLY IN YOUR COLOR isdowns.info/lift/r6LIjG2ZfHmmab8/v-deo Norris Nuts Family Camping (gone wrong) isdowns.info/lift/ymzJaoSmqISNg6s/v-deo THE MOMENT NAZ GOT A GUINEA PIG isdowns.info/lift/upbYg6Fkg4Zpj6c/v-deo

    • Eliza JM
      Eliza JM

      I'm a huge fan!

    • K Z
      K Z


    • Indiana McPherson
      Indiana McPherson


    • bruno1981c


    • bruno1981c

      Is the right thing to do and if someone one does hate witch will probably not happen then they’re not true legends. I hope that NAZ comes back soon I miss you NAZ so much.

  • Ella equestrian
    Ella equestrian

    Disco is such a mood he’s mint 😂

  • Livplayz

    I think the title should be “ why naz is not in the videos anymore here is 5 reasons She is a brat She doesint take care of her pets She’s so mean I met her in rl and she was awful to me She’s ungrateful She’s spoiled She doesint deserve baz

  • kam bubbles
    kam bubbles

    Well done mamma and papa 👏 your made the right choice with naz I hope she gets better with her schooling and is back doing the vlogs soon 😊

  • Scarlett McPeake
    Scarlett McPeake

    Charm looks a lot like Nazzy

  • Faith S
    Faith S

    Wait was their comments always on or am I going crazy?

  • Meigetsu AMV'S
    Meigetsu AMV'S

    Where does it say why naz aint in the videos

  • Kylie Snowden
    Kylie Snowden

    It isn't mean what you did to naz mrs Norris as you said she can come back in the vloges when she catches up on her school work

  • Chester Sanchez
    Chester Sanchez

    happy birthday papa

  • Cunt Dog
    Cunt Dog

    I hate the norry nut

  • Ishaan Sidhardh
    Ishaan Sidhardh

    My sister is in year 2 and she is already doing year 3 work

  • Mona

    You are the best

  • Mona

    Sabre and sockie on my favourite but I like all of you

  • Debby Vanleemput
    Debby Vanleemput

    lol mama goze tou sabre end gives a hug end i tink i so biggys hand end mama dident hug biggy lol but no hate

  • Arzu Sezen
    Arzu Sezen

    Omg sockie have a crop top on 😦

  • Mini Footy Player
    Mini Footy Player

    7:35 this is soo funny

  • Ella Robinson
    Ella Robinson

    They should not get hate there youtuber's so it's no suprise

  • Felicity Airey
    Felicity Airey

    I would never give them a hate for that school work is far more important then vlogs plus she will maybe be in the next vlog or 2 or something like that but i can't wait till she comes back!

  • Tilly & Emily Playz
    Tilly & Emily Playz

    How Sockie and Disco have a great boned and Sockie and mama did swing!!!

  • Sophia P
    Sophia P

    I want naz 😭😭😭😭

  • Destiny Mcallen
    Destiny Mcallen

    ugh norris nut do you live in aust or americ

    • Tulika Lakhanpal
      Tulika Lakhanpal


  • Shelly Roses
    Shelly Roses

    Why is it now see your blogs why just why

  • Marisol Bechtel
    Marisol Bechtel


  • Crystal Panda
    Crystal Panda

    20:23 Hey, I get that you need Naz to get school. Like me, I would have to cut down on watching you for my violin and work. You are just doing what you do best. Being a parent.

  • ♡︎ mae mae ♡︎
    ♡︎ mae mae ♡︎


  • Audra Hudson
    Audra Hudson

    Happy birthday Justin

  • Amy McGrath
    Amy McGrath

    Awww I don’t want the mum to die NO ONE DIES YOU WILL NEVERR IM 1MMMMMMMMMMM YRS

  • Amy McGrath
    Amy McGrath

    COME ON NAZZ I MIZ YOU (yes I did mean to do miz) :-)(

  • Peanut butter & Jelly_
    Peanut butter & Jelly_

    I can’t believe that Sabre is the same age as Charli Damelio

  • Ayoub Bentatou
    Ayoub Bentatou

    gamer dad try to show the cake what he does flip it

  • FrxnkieMSP

    Well done Naz! make sure to veiw this as less of a punishment, and more of a major boost!

  • emma stidwell
    emma stidwell


  • Mila the SUPER LEGEND
    Mila the SUPER LEGEND

    Norris nuts I am just like Nas I have a hard time in school to and I think you guys made the right decision for her to focus on her work and I’m 10 too

  • Adela Zloza
    Adela Zloza

    I miss nas

  • Sweaty Sweat
    Sweaty Sweat

    You made a good disition

  • Tom IsJomama
    Tom IsJomama

    I'm 11 and i would have failed that test lol

  • Hanouf Saud
    Hanouf Saud

    I love your videos and I am I don’t understand but sucky she said she doesn’t like to wear like something that reveals stomach but your videos like so beautiful and I love it and I’m your biggest fan I was watching you when I was four when I was watching you guys until I become nine and I’m almost going to be 10 at me five it’s me me what I don’t know why he’s threatening me what my birthday is like a long time to come May yeah May 5 it’s my birthday mayfly

  • Kayden Tigersuperherl
    Kayden Tigersuperherl

    Why comments disable in most oft the vids

  • Alysha Adams
    Alysha Adams

    7:40 nOo sToP iT

  • Mustajab Zahra
    Mustajab Zahra

    Me thinking its a serious thing that naz was banned Mama :give me the hate Papa and mama :she missed school work Me :yEa YoUr sO sTrIcT😂

  • Zhyrene Saligumba
    Zhyrene Saligumba

    I miss my dad:(

  • Mahi’s good life 😃
    Mahi’s good life 😃

    7:36 LOL

  • Merriwa Bourke
    Merriwa Bourke

    Saber you did good you will beat me I'm ngarie one of your fans

  • bob stone
    bob stone

    It’s kinda sad how unathletic they are.

  • 。Hanna Ortiz。
    。Hanna Ortiz。

    No, they don’t deserve hate on that one. School is more important bc it’s for her future and everything. But can’t wait for Naz to come back!!

  • Jenna Cranny
    Jenna Cranny

    That is fine I have ocd it is when I struggle with finding my answers

    • Jenna Cranny
      Jenna Cranny

      I love all of you know matter what happens 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🤪😍

  • Purple Pumpkin
    Purple Pumpkin

    NORRIS NUTS No one will ever hate on you for anything we all love you so much and if someone does hate they are not a true legends Love you Norris Nuts

  • SxmpliiAlliee

    Charm is the cutest and the sweetest kid ever

  • Ninjas 🥷
    Ninjas 🥷

    Why would we judge u. True legends will always be with u guys!

  • Madeline Nett
    Madeline Nett

    And body else notice they got a new lounge?

  • Jael Camilleri
    Jael Camilleri

    Disco:bad people Me:savage

  • Uzziah's World
    Uzziah's World

    I think Biggy at 15:44 winked bc he still likes Txunamy

  • Zainab Arif
    Zainab Arif

    I love you Norris nuts I think I have no words for you guys you guys are so brilliant love you guys may you guys achieve all you aims and your dreams you deserve 80 million subscribers love you guys

  • Let’s Test
    Let’s Test

    Biggy: *eats ice cream cone* Slender mom: that’s my son… Me if biggy was my son: I don’t know him

  • Norah Rothfuss
    Norah Rothfuss

    You were doing the right thing to naz and you guys are great people

  • Charlotte BIERI 08
    Charlotte BIERI 08


  • Robery Appleton
    Robery Appleton

    hi i love you all so much 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Maria Solis
    Maria Solis


  • Crazy cat Lady
    Crazy cat Lady

    Naz if you are reading this although you are a little be hind on school you are very very very very smart!!!🙂

  • danielle saunders
    danielle saunders

    It’s a very good thing. School is more important then keeping us entertained. You can stay off as long as u wont we will still support u

  • Candice Hastings
    Candice Hastings

    Those speeches were so emotional I almost cried!

  • 𝓓𝓮𝓶𝓸𝓷 𝓖𝓪𝓬𝓱𝓪
    𝓓𝓮𝓶𝓸𝓷 𝓖𝓪𝓬𝓱𝓪

    You guys were doing the right for nazzy thing I still love you guys so hate from me🥰

  • Ansar Miah
    Ansar Miah



    When Biggi was trying to eat the ice cream. Bruh 😆🤣😂🤣😂

  • BellaxBoba

    its 4:22 for me lol

  • Molly Kaylen houston
    Molly Kaylen houston

    I have a really missed Naz but I know school should come first but I can wait for her to be back

  • Skylar Rosati
    Skylar Rosati

    Can I have charm she is so cute when she says mama and them MAMA she is the cutest

  • Gloria Emerenciana
    Gloria Emerenciana

    A little after 1:02 you can see Naz go with them

  • Ford Mimi
    Ford Mimi

    7:35 the way disco fell and he said No stop it!

  • Sock Norris
    Sock Norris

    Don’t hate on them, school is really important, they’re making the right decision and Naz will be back soon anyway 😁 Love you guys

  • Ashneth Garcia
    Ashneth Garcia

    Don’t worry Naz, We know school is hard but you can do it. We cheer you on and will wait for you to catch up.

  • Toca Tomboy
    Toca Tomboy


  • Toca Tomboy
    Toca Tomboy

    WDYM HATE!?!? Your all so amazing me and my sisters support you no mwatter what u do :)

  • Cam ♡︎
    Cam ♡︎

    i completely support your decision about naz :))

  • Lucys wild world
    Lucys wild world

    I love your channel I’ve been watching you before disco was born

  • It’s Chloe
    It’s Chloe

    Just put a heads up, the NN May quit ISdowns or have a long break off it when flizzy dies because it is mamas mum

  • claire beckford
    claire beckford

    OMG you you guys need to start doing more funny memes in the middle of the vids

  • Liliannah Alexander
    Liliannah Alexander

    The legends never gudge what about when papa makes Sabre win the legends say sock should have won

  • Chloe Monk
    Chloe Monk

    No hate education first, blogs second

  • kiyotaka ayanakoji
    kiyotaka ayanakoji

    biggy race me irl next year on the road next to ur house monday 5 of november at sun down c u there

  • #SNYDERsnipercookie pawsy
    #SNYDERsnipercookie pawsy

    i was crying so much this is so beautiful

  • R .Loney
    R .Loney

    none: eleven and disco: BAD PEOPLE

  • Kim Ross
    Kim Ross

    The naz thing is fine she needs to work on her study and get up on grades ots okay none of us are mad 🥰

  • Jamee Good
    Jamee Good

    Nezz was my fav present why pls pls pls bring her rback

  • Sameen Arshad
    Sameen Arshad

    Hey NORRIS NUTS love u guys and your family soo much u guys make my day thank u so much 😊 and no hate to u guys it’s ok we understand education is always first 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇☺️😇

  • Jamie•

    lol im totally failing my grades but i dont give a shit

  • sienna lemon
    sienna lemon

    next time someone accidently pushes me over i'll be muttering to myself "bad people"

  • Kiddo and missy
    Kiddo and missy


  • Ashleigh Solorzano
    Ashleigh Solorzano

    Put Naz back in the blogs

  • piper tighe
    piper tighe

    no hate to slender mom or gamer dad i feel you both are doing the right thing and no one should give you hate for it

  • Jaslyn

    I teared up at the part when they read the letter

  • carrington dobbs
    carrington dobbs

    Mama:You'll forgive Disco:BAD PEOPLE

  • carrington dobbs
    carrington dobbs

    It's crazy to me who much understanding they have at a young age .

  • Arabella Smith
    Arabella Smith

    i love there passion in everything

  • Remi Panicker
    Remi Panicker


  • Abbie Johnston
    Abbie Johnston

    Why is naz not in the videos

  • soph osborn
    soph osborn


  • Neala Mcguinness
    Neala Mcguinness

    No hate should go to anything and naz that's fine to not be in vlogs 🙂hope you guys are staying safe and healthy

  • aikeimei

    No way is that a thing that someone should hate on! The Norris Nuts are right, we don't judge! School is more important and it's completely normal for everyone to fall behind at some stage! There's no need to worry or to hate but I hope Naz gets back into the vlogs soon! Happy Birthday! :) love you guys