WE GOT A DOG (emotional)
We got a Dog and never expected our Dad's reaction... Watch More below...
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In this video the Norris Nuts get a dog. Mama has organised to buy a dog and the Norris Nuts have no idea. Mama surprises the Norris Nuts with the news that they are going to get a dog and then they go to the pet store to buy supplies and dog food for the dog. Papa and Naz have no idea that they are getting a dog and the Norris Nuts all wonder how Papa will react when he finds out.

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  • The Norris Nuts
    The Norris Nuts

    LAST TO STOP PLAYING WITH THEIR FIDGET WINS $1000 isdowns.info/lift/znnSqYF6daSbbtU/v-deo LAST TO LEAVE BED isdowns.info/lift/rYuscZebf5ajoa8/v-deo WHO CAN EAT MOST COOKIES isdowns.info/lift/z32zjoB3aH6tgLM/v-deo

    • Jasmineplayz

      Where’s naz

    • Blueberry


    • For Chloe <3
      For Chloe <3


    • Summer _
      Summer _

      Love yall

    • Eri chan
      Eri chan

      I get everyone is talking about the dog, but what about Nazzy giving him one of her pets she’s wanted for almost her whole life and then he says the he’s sick of it a week after ;( (copy and paste this, spread the message)

  • Dahlia Arbogast
    Dahlia Arbogast

    Give Biggy Cat! Give Biggy Cat! Give Biggy Cat! Give Biggy Cat! Give Biggy Cat! Give Biggy Cat! Give Biggy Cat! Give Biggy Cat! Give Biggy Cat! Give Biggy Cat! Give Biggy Cat! Give Biggy Cat! Give Biggy Cat! Give Biggy Cat! Give Biggy Cat! Give Biggy Cat! Give Biggy Cat! Give Biggy Cat! Give Biggy Cat! Give Biggy Cat! Give Biggy Cat! Give Biggy Cat! Give Biggy Cat! Give Biggy Cat! Give Biggy Cat! Give Biggy Cat! Give Biggy Cat! Give Biggy Cat! Give Biggy Cat! Give Biggy Cat!

  • uhwhosbrooke

    fly high bubba. never forgotten 😕💔

  • hi

    Give Biggy a cat for 24 hours!! Copy and paste so they can see!

  • • Chqrry Aesthetic •
    • Chqrry Aesthetic •

    "Is it a doberman" Like Buggy just be happy your getting a dog, why does it have to be a doberman? Like live biggy, your parents house not yours, Naz got you the guinea pig YOU wanted and your sick of it, your moms getting a dog your don't want because it's a doberman, what's next? You guys get a kitten your don't want it because it's not the cat you wanted? BIGGY realize that your are not the only one in the household, majority wins, or if your parents say so

  • Ramon Lozano
    Ramon Lozano

    Hi Im a big fan i love your vids!

  • CaidenGamezX

    R.I.P Bubba 😭😭😭

  • Adrian

    4:54 Well that aged quickly, RIP Bubba, fly high.

  • Lisanda Vezi
    Lisanda Vezi

    Mama-"i smell something burning" Sabre-"it smells like ham"

    • Joshua Knutsen
      Joshua Knutsen

      R.I.P. bubba😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Jasmin Lomeli
    Jasmin Lomeli

    They’re lucky my mom doesn’t even let me get a dog😞☹️

  • CookyCrazy!

    I just want to say I still really love the norris nuts ok? But I do think they were quite ungrateful towards there mum and it’s not fair for mama to listen to them saying (especially biggy) I don’t want a dog and stuff like that….. I still think they are a great channel still!👍🥰

  • Millie BURGOYNE
    Millie BURGOYNE

    I love how sockie doesn’t like dogs that much but when Brooke said that they were getting a dog sockie was so happy 😀 she is sooooooooooo grateful

  • Dari Borun & Virsaviya Goncharova
    Dari Borun & Virsaviya Goncharova

    Biggy is so ungrateful in this video…smh I’m disappointed

  • Ariana

    Not people who hating on biggy and don't even be doing the right things themselves

  • Destiny Arol
    Destiny Arol

    Sockie was being so funny bc like for the first five minutes she thought she was having a surprise that the other NN’s would hate

  • Rachel Whyld
    Rachel Whyld

    biggy stop being ungrateful.

  • Norris Nuts News
    Norris Nuts News

    Who else love their intro?

  • Lisanda Vezi
    Lisanda Vezi

    I'm disappointed at biggy naz gave away one of her dream dream pets and now a week later Biggy says he's sick of it and I dont get y the norris nuts dont want a dog likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..........."who doesn't want their mom to surprise them with a dog"😥😥😥😥😥

  • Millie Rose
    Millie Rose

    you should name her snicker doodle

  • Phoenix & Niyah
    Phoenix & Niyah

    Where’s naz

  • fajer al salami
    fajer al salami

    give biggy a cat for 24 hours so papa can see how responsible he is lol

  • Chloe Prentiss
    Chloe Prentiss

    Biggy: "A bloody Labradoodle is just a waste of space" Me : *Covers my Labradoodle's ears*

  • ɪ ʜᴀᴛᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ✌︎︎
    ɪ ʜᴀᴛᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ✌︎︎

    19:08 what’s the other dog doing to Biggy 🤭

  • Jasmineplayz

    Where’s naz ????

  • Skyla Martinez
    Skyla Martinez

    I hope naz has the best b day ever

  • Alba Oehlman
    Alba Oehlman

    I can't believe Naz just gave Biggy half her dream and now biggy says he's "sick of it" Poor Naz.

  • Alba Oehlman
    Alba Oehlman

    Brooke: I'm drunk were getting a pet elephant 1 day later, Brooke: WHAT THE- WHY IS THERE AN ELEPHANT IN OUR HOUSE!!??!

  • Tess Rankin
    Tess Rankin

    I have a groodle (golden retriever x standard poodle) and I could not be happier. He might be giant but he acts like a baby and I still love him.

  • InvisibleMushroom

    Where is nazzy?! Shes been gone for awhile we miss nazzy!!

  • Crazy Sophie
    Crazy Sophie

    Biggy believes the world revolves around him. news flash it DOESN’T. Your mam does everything for you(took you to an island for your birthday) and if she wants a dog she can have a DOG! Also naz gave you one of HER Guinea pigs and your board of it after a few days!!!! I feel so bad for naz 😢If you get. Iggy a cat he will probs get board of it after 10 mins 🙄

  • Thea Wallace
    Thea Wallace

    Don’t worry Biggs I don’t like dogs either Catch me nuckles

  • Ever Hoggard
    Ever Hoggard

    go back to 13:43 was Biggy drinking out of a mini bottle

  • Ever Hoggard
    Ever Hoggard

    i have 2 kitten and and they have never bit me once

  • dreamingxlivvy

    Biggy is so ungrateful no offensive but that’s really rude what he said. Respect:📉📉📉📉

  • dreamingxlivvy

    I love sockies humour 😭

  • Bubble Tea
    Bubble Tea

    Two guinea pigs a dog and maybe a cat wow you guys are getting a lot of pets

  • Bubble Tea
    Bubble Tea

    Fun fact a lot of Dobermans turn on their owners and attack them happened to my best friend it turned on her and bit her on the arm

  • Anna Evans
    Anna Evans

    Biggy: I want a Bob cat. Sabre: If you're getting a Bob cat, I want a crocodile. Me: Wasn't Sabre scared a LABRADOODLE was going to attack her?

  • James Boyle
    James Boyle

    im so cunfused

  • Kylie Federici
    Kylie Federici

    No one: Sockie: so you’ve ordered it and it’s ready? Everyone: it’s not Macdonald’s, it’s a dog 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kgolo Molefe
    Kgolo Molefe

    It a dog biggy

  • Jeff Small
    Jeff Small

    I wish my mum said that to me and my sisters

  • TajVibesXD

    Where is naz

  • Elsa Nicole
    Elsa Nicole

    Tbh, my aunt has a cat and it hates my guts.

  • NeveNellyNine M
    NeveNellyNine M

    Seriously though, I’ve wanted a dog my whole life and biggy seriously says their a waste of space and gets one?? If he’s not going to love his pets he doesn’t deserve the Guinea Pig Naz gave him, which is her dream pet and he says he is sick of it?!, he especially does not deserve a dog!! :/

  • Ruqayya Taha
    Ruqayya Taha

    hi brook

  • Ruqayya Taha
    Ruqayya Taha

    hi I want my mum to get me a dog but my mum is getting a cat

  • Kota Keya
    Kota Keya

    I watched you for 5 years

  • Maryam Kasim
    Maryam Kasim

    No one: Mama: Don’t spam get biggy a cat Me: Say less *writes song* Give Biggy A Cat Give biggy a cat or he’ll be sad The one of your 2 sons Who really loves shrimp If you don’t get him a cat He’ll jump off a blimp Disco will be happy so will charm And they’ll love the cat as much as Sockie wants a Farm :)

    • Maryam Kasim
      Maryam Kasim

      @꧁Stephanie and Erika꧂ Thsts true but biggy never asked for those pets. He’s been wanting a cat for ss long as naz has wanted a guinea pig. And biggy hates dogs so we shouldn’t say he’s ungrateful for it. Besides, he fell in love with the new dog

    • ꧁Stephanie and Erika꧂
      ꧁Stephanie and Erika꧂

      but he doesn’t deserve one. he is already ungrateful for the guinea pig and the dog :/

  • Emersyn Gilman
    Emersyn Gilman


  • allie

    biggy is ungrateful

  • Galaxy Cupcake
    Galaxy Cupcake

    Biggy please be more greatful I get u didn’t mean it but I’d love a dog and ur basically being ungreatful and so many dogs out there get abandoned so please don’t

  • SunshineYT

    Not to be mean but Sabre is so ungrateful if my mom get me a dog I will be soooo happy

  • Jade Gill
    Jade Gill

    Biggy said they have sharp teeth but so do cats. And Doberman’s aren’t the only dogs that protect you, any loyal dog will. And you sound really ungrateful. A cat would most likely attack you more than a dog. Also I can’t believe they aren’t pet people! I love animals.

  • victoria jones
    victoria jones

    Where's naz

  • Deziree Ishi
    Deziree Ishi

    well, I have 5 rabbits + my older sister rabbits (2), we also have 7 cats and 5 dogs

  • Kimaya Jackson
    Kimaya Jackson


  • Mia Templeton
    Mia Templeton

    Aww I wanted you to keep the dog☹️

  • Arukii

    Y'all should've got all of them 😭😭

  • Cecilia Gautreau
    Cecilia Gautreau

    Biggy is being a bit ungrateful, Naz was happy enough to give him one of her dreams pets and a week later. He’s sick of it. That’s a bit rude and should say sorry to naz.

  • Maninderpal kaur Kahlon
    Maninderpal kaur Kahlon

    Omg I love dogs sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much I cant believe you biggy

  • roblox gals s
    roblox gals s

    Buggy you don’t want a cat I promise once you forget to feed the at 3pm sharp they will hate you for life ❤️❤️

  • Mabel Alafiatayo
    Mabel Alafiatayo

    Sockie is so hiped

  • Hi i play all games
    Hi i play all games

    I have a dog

  • Nicole Monchino
    Nicole Monchino

    I have a labradoodle 🥲 (it is a joke)

  • A Mckenna
    A Mckenna

    Biggy is so ungrateful because naz got him a Guinean pig and he said after a week he has had enough of it I feel sorry for naz 😢

  • jaz

    I feel like biggy is getting ungrateful first nazzy gave biggy a GUINEA PIG nazzys dream pet and now like a week later he gets tired of a guinea pig like 😐 imagine him with a dog

  • Sunset sue
    Sunset sue


  • Gizelle Chavez
    Gizelle Chavez

    cats are hard work when they are kitty that like to eat all the time and they do hunt guinea pig

  • Paper Squishy
    Paper Squishy

    I don’t think biggy should be able to get a cat now

  • Maheswari Kumar
    Maheswari Kumar

    I know I am late and now biggy likes yogi but that biggy sounded really ungrateful and he wanted a doberman which are very powerful dogs and hard to look after and one bite can send u to the hospital. They are also considered illegal in some countries. They need soo much training and lot of effort to train them right. If not they can mark their boundaries and can attack. As a begginner if u get a doberman it will be soo hard to look after. If u cant even raise a doodle which no where close as hard as Doberman . How come biggy doesn't like dogs and wants a doberman lol. And all dogs can protect u. Doberman need the owner to give them lot of attention to. As the Norris nuts barely have time poodle is the perfect dog

  • Jamie Official
    Jamie Official

    did you know that a Ragdoll Cat is my patronus in Harry Potter? 12:00

  • Chardonnay Bailey
    Chardonnay Bailey

    Biggy is so ungrateful naz gave him a guinea pig and he’s “sick of it”

  • ItsLexGames

    I’ve been reading the comments and why is no one saying how sabre is also so ungrateful it isn’t just buggy!

    • ꧁Stephanie and Erika꧂
      ꧁Stephanie and Erika꧂

      if u can read, they also said sabre is ungrateful as well

  • Kusu Makangu
    Kusu Makangu

    Mum: its a puppy Me: its chupapy

  • It’s me Haili-raquel
    It’s me Haili-raquel

    Why do they not want a dog??

  • Zoey Gronholm
    Zoey Gronholm

    gl noris nuts my dog just got out of t-rex stage so prepare yourself

  • Kusu Makangu
    Kusu Makangu

    I was like 🤢🤮 when the dog vomited

  • Kusu Makangu
    Kusu Makangu

    Imagine the norris nuts when to uk and lived near legands houses that would be cool.

    • Kusu Makangu
      Kusu Makangu

      Im back being a legend now so ill tell you the story So I was doing my home work the day when the norris nuts were doing fidget videos on this channel and I couldn't do my homework and I couldn't focus so I decided to not watch the norris nuts and while today its my last day of school I decided to watch the norris nuts and be a legend again.

  • Grace Holliday
    Grace Holliday

    Don’t worry my dog vomit on me and my dog is 3times bigger

  • Sinchana.p.b

    My dream to get a puppy 😣😣😣

  • Chloe Is too swag for u
    Chloe Is too swag for u

    I spent my whole life asking for a dog and the fact that biggy said labradoodles are a waste of space is ungrateful he should be happy he even got a dog

  • Jessica Loach
    Jessica Loach

    Biggy I promise dogs only bite when you annoy them

  • Lucas James
    Lucas James

    7:32 not me I had to beg my mom for two years to get one the Norris nuts are so lucky right?

  • Daily Business
    Daily Business

    Boggy is been rude who after a week says “IM SICK OF IT” it’s not ok and who goes “ it’s just a waste of space”

  • Chloe Griggs
    Chloe Griggs

    Biggy is so ungrateful

  • Laila J
    Laila J

    Biggy acts so ungrateful! It gets on my nerves

  • Roblox Mickey 🩰
    Roblox Mickey 🩰


  • lydalic!

    im sorry biggy but u were so ungrateful and u cant even get a bobcat

  • Isabella Marlow
    Isabella Marlow

    I was HYSTERICALLY laughing for about 10 minutea because Bubba threw up on them😭😭😭🤚🤚🤚

    • Isabella Marlow
      Isabella Marlow


  • Yasssqueenx

    why is biggy crying!! I would loved to blessed with a dog like that!!

  • Elica Rose
    Elica Rose

    As much as I like the Norris nuts it really made me quite angry at the fact biggy was so ungrateful at the fact you were getting a dog especially a certain breed since he wanted not ONE but TWO Doberman’s just because they are “protective” and look “aggressive” but the only way they are like that is with a lot of dedication and training and it’s not like you can make a personal protection dog in your back yard. I’m glad the dog isn’t theirs though since I feel like they have quite a busy life already with all of the filming and the guinea pigs and things and like biggy said he is already sick of the guinea pigs so if he had a dog he would get sick of that too but it’s just my opinion

    • lydalic!

      yea i feel like biggy and sabre were and biggy were pretty ungrateful but not naz and sockie i saw a lot of ppl commenting that all the norris nuts were kinda ungrateful in this vid but like it was only biggy and sabre

  • Jessica Readmond
    Jessica Readmond

    You should've named her noodle that's such a cute name

  • Xx_Sxmply_ellz

    Give biggy a cat (copy this and spam teh comments)

  • Eshani Singhal
    Eshani Singhal

    sabre:i feel so ungreatful ME:ur ungreatful

  • Eshani Singhal
    Eshani Singhal

    Sockie and naz are so greatful

  • Eshani Singhal
    Eshani Singhal

    I am a legend but Biggy is being so ungreatful and its just so messed and like poor naz

  • Ngatia wambui
    Ngatia wambui

    ( no hate btw) if I acted like that my parents would literally take out the belt.

  • Ngatia wambui
    Ngatia wambui

    How would biggy feel if naz said that she is sick of biggy eating skittles. He wouldn't feel good wouldn't he? ( NOT HATE)

  • Ngatia wambui
    Ngatia wambui

    Biggy should have kept the part where he said he go sick of the Guinea pig in his heart not to say it out loud. Hope nazzy knows that we all love her Guinea pig. (Not a hater just wanted to point it out love you guys)