Norris Nuts do this eating challenge but the winner is unexpected!
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In this video we find out which Norris Nut can gain the most weight in a day. The Norris Nuts do this challenge by having some rules to the challenge. You aren't allowed to stock up on things as you have to eat what you buy before you can move on to the next thing. These also have to be single items - you can't buy multiples! Sabre loves the food challenges but will she be able to gain the most weight? Watch all to see all the twists!

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  • The Norris Nuts
    The Norris Nuts

    Watch NEXT - LAST TO LEAVE CAR isdowns.info/lift/zpCcn42Kc3epbc0/v-deo​ FIRST TIME PLAYING WORLD OF PETS isdowns.info/lift/nGewpaBoc3aqZJY/v-deo

    • Rene Ontiveros
      Rene Ontiveros

      LAST to stop eating honey chicken you guys should do that.

    • Luke Adamson
      Luke Adamson

      You guys are amazing

    • Ayden Lauber
      Ayden Lauber

      I wish I could meet you guys IRL

    • Daher Wassim
      Daher Wassim

      Hi norris nuts i am your biggest fan

    • Justyna Tomke
      Justyna Tomke

      @Liv Live rajska

  • Irl Lemon
    Irl Lemon

    20:01 is the song fancy

  • Nella Rainger
    Nella Rainger

    I I’m a big fan I live on the Gold Coast love you Norris nuts

  • minnie girls
    minnie girls

    I have never seen pop tart cereal in america

  • Mxgz  Productionz ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
    Mxgz Productionz ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

    I just realized I was wronge so I’m sorry

  • Evelina Barkels
    Evelina Barkels

    No hate but they got 2 and a half hours but In the caption it says 24 hours ,❤️

  • Yallrsusweebies21

    Wait did biggy cheat?? When he ate the ice cream did he finish it all????

  • Michael Kvas
    Michael Kvas

    sockie aksing for a large chocolate milkshake maccas worker saying sorry we dont have that sockie saying cann pls have then the mini nutella hotcakes biggy saying so what du you think about your mini hotcakes sockie saying i schould have order a chocolate milkshake me ........................................................

  • Mishamol Mannil
    Mishamol Mannil

    16:16 is the most funniest thing I’ve ever had seen

  • Watermelon World
    Watermelon World

    It should have been a tie because buggy weighed himself again at the beginning and was 33.8

  • Qui :3
    Qui :3

    i watch you bc you make me happy and i was crying but i'm not rn

  • The Totally Normal Family
    The Totally Normal Family

    I seriously hate this video for 3 reasons: 1. The thumbnail is click bait. 2. It is really cringe and just weird at some parts. 3. Some of it is acting and I get the idea of a family channel but they need to protect their children’s identity at least a bit more

  • Anaztazias PlaysRoblox
    Anaztazias PlaysRoblox

    After watching this I was starving and thirsty

  • f a n n y
    f a n n y


  • f a n n y
    f a n n y

    sabre: i feel bad for flizzy watching me eat sabre 0.2 seconds later: k but imma get a sandwich now

  • Colin Gloeckle
    Colin Gloeckle

    Sabre is the older one

  • Emma Colby
    Emma Colby

    i am from canada and we call the french fries and gravy and cheese poutine!!!!!!!

  • Emma Colby
    Emma Colby

    guys you should do a who can lose the most weight

  • oikawa’s milk bread
    oikawa’s milk bread

    biggy and sab tied

  • The life of Emma
    The life of Emma

    Hope nas doesn’t mean a car crash

  • Georgia Belcher
    Georgia Belcher

    LMFAO IT SAID 24 hrs

  • jgon0611

    did yall realise they showed so much stuff of world of pet and we didn't even know

  • Rilee Callahan
    Rilee Callahan

    biggy was 33.8 kg ;.;

  • mark fallis
    mark fallis

    wow flize cant belive u said pontine smells bad wow all the canddains but i still like u dont take iy as hate its just a joke

  • Hiba Saeed
    Hiba Saeed

    Nobody gonna talk about sabres new song "fancy" was in this video

  • Chameshi Thenu
    Chameshi Thenu

    Pls go to america

  • Grace Bella Black
    Grace Bella Black

    BIGGY is sockie sockie is naz

  • Grace Bella Black
    Grace Bella Black

    I wanna see you irl

  • m rossi
    m rossi


  • Sam games
    Sam games

    Lol 😆 they call pancakes 🥞 hot cakes

    • LilHarp

      Hot cakes is what mcdonalds advertise them as.

  • Sam games
    Sam games

    I like this but there is a lot of editing and I sort of just wanted to watch the video

    • LilHarp

      Without the editing, there would be no video.

  • Kathleen Traynor
    Kathleen Traynor

    Legends, I think we can honestly agree that naz is old and kind and mature enough to get a guinea pig. I honestly don’t know why her parents aren’t seeing how bright naz is I’m mean come on Norris nuts 💔❤️❤️

  • A1 neji
    A1 neji

    yah should now do who can lose the most wait

  • Fatamia Stephens
    Fatamia Stephens

    I think there were a lot of things wrong in this video so I think the norris nuts should do this video agin.?! Like if you agree!

  • Corinne Guenther
    Corinne Guenther

    Ummmmmmmm they are so under weight like umm Sabre should be altleast 120

    • LilHarp

      Okay, so First off, you should NEVER comment on other people's body types, or tell them 'you should way this much, blah blah blah'. Secondly, idk if ur American but 120 is like 54kg...So yeah. ✌

  • 𝖒𝖆𝖑𝖑𝖘𝖔𝖋𝖙

    The give naz a guinea pig song being stuck in my head the moment she gets baz: bruhhhhh

  • Lillie Pike
    Lillie Pike

    Ima ask why u gaining weight

  • Breezee

    Father in heaven i pray you bless this person reading this, with good health prosperity and everything good

    • Sammar Ayouch
      Sammar Ayouch


    • Breezee

      @Sammar Ayouch thank u

    • Sammar Ayouch
      Sammar Ayouch

      Tysm god bless U too Ur so sweet and God bless Ur family😁😄💯

  • Laxmi Siri
    Laxmi Siri

    Do you like BTS k-pop group 💌 I love BTS

  • Simon Cockley
    Simon Cockley

    Actually, Sabre and Biggy got a draw because biggy reweighed himself and was 37.8 so that means he got 1.8 which is the same as Sabre so that drew!

    • glowinqxRxse

      Ur late.

  • john njuguna
    john njuguna

    Sockie ; running burns more calories than walking Me; where the hell did u learn that from

  • Isabella Smith
    Isabella Smith

    Me still waiting for a compost video

  • Amy Narron
    Amy Narron

    I’m not surprised McDonald’s sad we don’t ice cream at the moment over here it’s…… the ice cream machean is broken

  • ☕CoffeeToffee☕

    Who saw this Channel and non stop watched it

  • Caleb PENNY
    Caleb PENNY

    2 1

  • Phenix

    Sockie and Sabre always win

    • Phenix

      That why I will unsubscribe

    • Phenix

      Biggy and nazz always not win

  • Ricky Kelly
    Ricky Kelly

    It was a tie bc boggy reweighed himself at .8 so ye

  • Luke Adamson
    Luke Adamson

    Omg I been watching you guys since you started and naz is soooo grown up now!!!!!!

  • Mia Flynn
    Mia Flynn

    when sokie said mama mia i think she knows i am a fan ( sorry if i spelled it wrong)

  • Jenna Saleh
    Jenna Saleh

    I love how they explained where sabre got here hair from papa

  • Valery Fernandez
    Valery Fernandez

    Jesus is coming back soon t

  • Siimply Maisie
    Siimply Maisie

    Whoever is watching this have a great day and you are beautiful xx

  • Annielxllipop

    Go to America plz and go to the United States plz

  • Hailey Spamzzzzz
    Hailey Spamzzzzz

    Omgggg i feel fat. I converted killigrams to pounds and found out i'm fat.

  • Dream_Fan

    JK = just kidding

  • hani maalin
    hani maalin

    I’v never Sean poptarts ceirale

  • Amy

    Isn’t really a sensible idea for a video , seems like it gives out the wrong Impression and gives off vibes certain food is unhealthy and that

    • Lilly Madden
      Lilly Madden

      I agree, they have such a young audience, and I don't think this is a good message to be sending out. like, all of the comments are 'omgggg, out guys are so skinny' and 'this makes me feel fat' ect. AND to be honset, I'm surprised their parents let them film/edit/post this.

  • Fidget girly
    Fidget girly

    I’m younger than all of them and I weigh more than them

  • Triple Gamerz
    Triple Gamerz

    20:00 sneak peek of QUEEN OF FANCY U LOOK GOOD SABRE QUEEN

  • Stark Gamimgsteven
    Stark Gamimgsteven

    I’m 125.83

  • Stark Gamimgsteven
    Stark Gamimgsteven

    Dang I could pick all you up

  • Raeland Williams
    Raeland Williams

    It was actually a time because I’m starting when you wait you had to redo redo a biggie and it was 33.8 and you said it was 33.7 to it it was actually a tie

  • Olivia & Julia
    Olivia & Julia

    They are light

  • Gamingwith kell bells
    Gamingwith kell bells

    Ima legend and I want to say that I am subscribed I’m new

  • Karen Seerattan
    Karen Seerattan

    Nazzy ATE a bottle of water

  • N.M.A Gamer
    N.M.A Gamer


  • Zoe zungs
    Zoe zungs

    Sabre called her grandmother by her name

  • TTV cosmiiqqq
    TTV cosmiiqqq

    What! I’m 13 and I’m 60.2kg and I’m way skinnier than my friends 😂😱🤩🤯

  • Anime Girl
    Anime Girl

    @naznorris cheated cause she bought the cheese pork dumplings and honey chicken @biggynorris cheated cause he said that sockie bought it just for her even though biggy said buy US something @sabrenoris cheated cause she bought hotcakes and more food and ate them along the way

  • Goggie

    The intro was manly food haha༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ

  • Jessica Mumford
    Jessica Mumford

    Biggy was 33.8 not 33.7

  • amy greene
    amy greene

    I love you guys ❤ and I love your vids!!!

  • Wilma Nyesuah
    Wilma Nyesuah

    Is nobody going to say anything about how they put a video of the wap multiple times

    • Neveah Flores
      Neveah Flores

      i mean no because theyre just showing their grandma doing the wap

  • Super gang ALTHANI
    Super gang ALTHANI

    Hi Sabre i have curly hair to. Lol

  • Martta

    It was a tie!

  • Courtney Tinnell
    Courtney Tinnell

    When I first started watching them I thought Sabre was a natural straight headed girl and I thought she curled her hair now I know:)

  • Courtney Tinnell
    Courtney Tinnell

    How r they so light I wish I was them

  • Robloxian Blimp
    Robloxian Blimp

    This video is so cringe I want to false report it for terrorisum.

  • lewishunter2

    They tied

  • Anaya Shah
    Anaya Shah

    I feel so bad for Biggy

  • Emerson Luzar
    Emerson Luzar

    Buggy thought he won but he didn’t bc he rea weighed himself and it was something 8 but at the end they said he was something 7 so Sabre won

  • Veronica Cortez
    Veronica Cortez

    Come to American

  • averys world
    averys world

    biggy and sabre should have tied because he actually had 33.8 in the beginning

  • Honey Gaming
    Honey Gaming

    S naz

  • Rebecca Kieran
    Rebecca Kieran

    I love the Norris nuts!

  • Ella Wilson
    Ella Wilson

    But you guys said Biggy was .8 not .7 so how does that work because same and biggy would of tied

  • Gian Croft
    Gian Croft

    2 1

  • The Oreo Show
    The Oreo Show

    This should be illegal lol

  • chloe kaalverink
    chloe kaalverink

    WHICH NORRIS NUT CAN GAIN THE MOST WEIGHT in 24hrs more like 2 and a half hours

  • Koby and Dustin Do stuff
    Koby and Dustin Do stuff

    Let’s go biggy I wonder what you got from maccas

  • Ruqaiyah turk
    Ruqaiyah turk

    Did you notice that sabre put her new song the queen of fancy like a little sneak peek 20:00

  • Eyelash_roleplays 1
    Eyelash_roleplays 1

    You really take it too far

  • Bailee Meyer
    Bailee Meyer

    Ofc saber likes eating :/ no to be rude tho 🙄

  • Football Lover
    Football Lover

    Also how did boggy weigh more without the camera

    • Football Lover
      Football Lover

      Sorry I meant biggy

  • Football Lover
    Football Lover

    I love your vids

  • PuGz LoVe
    PuGz LoVe

    Does anyone else notice how Sabre doesn’t have curly hair she just curls it at night so it can be curly

    • RxzeriaYT

      She does have naturally curly hair you can just put it in braids at night as a protection hairstyle to make it less frizzy

  • Zoe bakes
    Zoe bakes

    Why is naz wearing grinch socks

  • derp potato
    derp potato

    The main picture on the video made me reslly sad about my weight because they are so skinny and I’m not even 120 pounds yet :/ (I’m 103 pounds :*

  • Potato man
    Potato man

    Wow Sokies expectations for the pan cakes are really big

  • Isabella Romano
    Isabella Romano

    I’m not trying to hate but these kids are all under weight sabre is 16 or whateva and only 97 pounds that isn’t good