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In this video we play Hide and Seek in an island paradise home.

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  • The Norris Nuts
    The Norris Nuts

    Watch NEXT - LIVING OFF $5 DIET FOR A DAY isdowns.info/lift/uI_apIOUhHqna9k/v-deo LAST TO LEAVE BED isdowns.info/lift/rYuscZebf5ajoa8/v-deo SABRE'S SWEET 16th BIRTHDAY isdowns.info/lift/xq7OsqeqaqiOetk/v-deo

    • Donne Heathcote
      Donne Heathcote

      Love you guys

    • Audrey Wilson
      Audrey Wilson

      Xxv zvd Bsb ¢[]™>© X

    • Jaylyns ecerday life PAC
      Jaylyns ecerday life PAC

      I know this is weird and biggy or the Norris nuts might hate me but biggy has a cute laugh and I respect bigs and tux together

    • Random Things
      Random Things

      Doggo Catto

    • Lakire kelly World
      Lakire kelly World

      Love the norris nuts💕❤

  • L

    “Found the least” Slendermum-2021

  • Ashley MoraGuadron
    Ashley MoraGuadron

    When Sabre showed her braces my brother just got his braces today! The color is light blue.

  • Hermione's curtain
    Hermione's curtain

    Its umfair how Sab isnt allowed to wear croptops while Naz can

  • Cameron West
    Cameron West

    Sockie said i am are good seeker found no one,not trying to be rude love you norris nuts

  • Grace Haskew
    Grace Haskew

    Boggy yells “NORRIS NUTS” me be like:fashion

  • XxBelle Playz
    XxBelle Playz

    I don’t really think that Sabre should of lost the first Round because boggy got the extra 30 seconds but then mama changed the time to 2:30 which was quite unfair but it’s ok!

  • Dino and Uni
    Dino and Uni

    I wish nazzy and biggy had shared but great job both of you

  • Pammyed Chinese lantern
    Pammyed Chinese lantern

    Did anybody realize that Sockie was wearing a skirt

  • Jessica Loring
    Jessica Loring

    I feel bad for Naz she always is one of the last man standing then biggy beats her

  • Rachel Borjas
    Rachel Borjas

    They should hide under the couch and have a blanket on them

  • Reuben Birrell
    Reuben Birrell


  • Fun craft and more 247
    Fun craft and more 247

    Jesus loves you guys so turn to him before it’s to late he is coming soon and he died for our sins and he loves you guys ❤️✨✝️🙏

  • Dehydrated Potatos
    Dehydrated Potatos

    Only true legends remember when they hid in flizzy's house

  • Katelyn Claudelle Escudero
    Katelyn Claudelle Escudero

    Only true legend will remember where they did hide and seek at swimming center and their grandmas house

  • Talia Baddour
    Talia Baddour

    and you guys said mum and dads room mulitple times

  • Talia Baddour
    Talia Baddour

    did u guys move in to the mansion 'cause when your mum said that nazzy is hiding in her own room for the first round

  • Arixva

    Sabre: what are you guys doing today Me: oh nothing just watching all your videos all day :)

  • 9102340751

    I love you guy is edited never ever get an editor I love you editings there so funny love you guys video

  • Makishnoodle W
    Makishnoodle W

    Who else just randomly was scrolling down their home page on youtube and found the Norris Nuts on recommended and has been watching them ever since

  • Katie Allan
    Katie Allan

    Catch me knuckles

  • iiAesthetic_Aii

    OMG! I can’t stop laughing about Naz saying “Sometimes I think to my self” I’m dyeing of laughter 😝😂😂

  • Latisha Tokona
    Latisha Tokona

    and l like all your guys vids and l subscribed and l like all of your guys vids

  • Patrick Hay
    Patrick Hay

    can you watch bro v bro i am the big brother and i like naz

  • Ayonnah Crawford
    Ayonnah Crawford

    I think nazzy should have won Bc she didn’t use any body spots Thru all of the rounds and biggy hid where sab hid the last round so I think naz should have won.

  • Indigo McCormack
    Indigo McCormack

    I wish I could meet you guys one day but I live in Melbourne .I love you guys you are the best ISdownsrs ever 🍭🍡🍿🍪🍰🎂🍦🍧stay SHRIMPY🦐

  • Lkitty12

    I think sockie is the favorite because mama started the timer before she said go to the other NN but with sockie she said go and then started it. P.S I’m not trying to hate that’s just what I feel

  • Rose Abdul-rahim
    Rose Abdul-rahim

    that was so funny when the first time naz hide behide the certen

  • Nina Attwood
    Nina Attwood

    I think naz is going to win🥇

  • Isabella

    Everyone: Talking about normal stuff WHEREAS The NN: Constipation this, constipation that (No hate by the way!)

  • Ruby Tube
    Ruby Tube

    She said she stopped the time early but she only stopped it 1 second early so if buggy got the time everyone else got Sabre would’ve won

  • Mushroom Star
    Mushroom Star

    This was 3 months ago?

  • chloe dawson
    chloe dawson

    My friend's dad insures the holiday house and actually the house wasn't $22,000,000 it was $46,000,000

  • madeline maldonado
    madeline maldonado

    it’s not 22 mil but I still like your videos

  • Keyaan_Gaming


  • Millie Swan
    Millie Swan

    Only OG legends will remember when Sockie snuck chocolate at the swim school

    • Lina Lina
      Lina Lina


  • Anna Payne
    Anna Payne

    Can I get pinned it’s my life goal

  • PicklesPlayzRoblox

    Them: what will happen Me: of course he will blow up :D

  • Kelly lopes
    Kelly lopes

    Hi im a big fan

  • Neza Carrillo
    Neza Carrillo

    OK were saber was hiding it was kind a little not really fair for Nas because I don’t think Mama ❤️❤️❤️ would let Nas go down there cause of danger and SaBER just did it because she’s older. NO HATE

  • Allisson Sanchez
    Allisson Sanchez

    lets just take a moment to look at where they are staying :O

  • Bianca Sommers
    Bianca Sommers

    I watch them all the rime I wuv your channel

  • Hayley Ylias
    Hayley Ylias

    What number cabin did you stay in

  • Ana Curie
    Ana Curie

    their Mom Was Giving Out The Places She Should Be Quiet When There Hiding Somewhere Cause Biggy Hears really Good That Kinda Sucks Man.

  • Dane Wiederstein
    Dane Wiederstein

    finish the lyrics: car rides to malibu, strawberry ice cream (keep it going)

  • Heidi Bren
    Heidi Bren

    That's not fair naz won when mama stop them and said who ever when this get the at the end naz had rock and biggy had paper so naz won

  • addison parker
    addison parker

    when will u move in the house

  • Holly Miller
    Holly Miller


  • Aubree James
    Aubree James

    Only true legends know that sockie loves Nutella

  • Aubree James
    Aubree James

    Only true legends know sockie

  • Emily Wakenshaw
    Emily Wakenshaw

    Sockie - I know Sabre-IDK were to hide Naz - I look cool Biggy - LET'S FIND THEM Me - WHATTTT😎😂

  • Emily Wakenshaw
    Emily Wakenshaw

    It's really weird because sockie is wearing a skirt and she. Hates being fancy

  • It’s maddie :3
    It’s maddie :3

    When naz was singing sometimes I think to my self I was crying of laughter 😂

  • Vega Vestereng
    Vega Vestereng

    Only real legends know how (sorry Nazzy) bad Nazzy was at hiding in the old days

  • Karina Kirk
    Karina Kirk

    I can't believe how much better nazs hiding spots are. I meant to you remember when the Norris nuts did hide and seek in papas swim school

  • Sydney Boudreaux
    Sydney Boudreaux

    Anyone remember when Naz used to pick very obvious spots and now is one of the best nn in hide and seek

  • Vivien Fillie
    Vivien Fillie

    it's a big house I think there should more time

  • Hollistictherapytv


  • Beth Marsden
    Beth Marsden


  • Demelza Reid
    Demelza Reid

    your really lucky because ive never ever been to a beach only when I was 2 years old

  • Julianna Escultos
    Julianna Escultos

    i like how sabre will do anything just for the room service

  • Assiatou D
    Assiatou D


  • Billie B
    Billie B

    Sabre cheated bc if tried to see her she would either fall or not see her

  • Chessie Aquino
    Chessie Aquino

    I’m on summer break and have been watching you guys all day long I looooovvveeee watching you

  • GTA bro’s And fornite bro’s
    GTA bro’s And fornite bro’s

    Where did slender-mum get the shrimp necklace

  • Ava Adkins
    Ava Adkins

    Ya know how Norris nuts say scissors paper rock well in America is backwards so it goes like rock paper scissors


    Saber is big brain

  • Olivia Ferrante
    Olivia Ferrante

    Ur lucky to go on a holiday

  • Bingo Flamingo
    Bingo Flamingo

    200000 complaints first naz is amazing and should win second naz has to won

  • musical force
    musical force

    I love their outfits especially viggy

  • Jessica Eggers
    Jessica Eggers

    nan shos hr giny pig

  • Bunny 사랑해요
    Bunny 사랑해요

    I've been watching norris nuts for so long and I thought for a sec in the vid biggy is a girl my brain👹🤯WTF or if biggy is a boy I don't remember

  • Paypay

    It’s funny how mama called sockie sabare 2’s

  • Raquel Robbs
    Raquel Robbs

    I can not stop watching the Norris nuts haha

  • Omar Bakhit
    Omar Bakhit

    How could I miss naz

  • Jack Magness
    Jack Magness

    Biggy stop

  • Theodore Gardiner
    Theodore Gardiner

    i love your vids

  • Farah Fazira Umar
    Farah Fazira Umar

    Im pretty sure papa is sleeping or taking care of disco and charm outside 😅😂🤣👨‍👩‍👦‍👦


    19:53, why, why, why no hate sock you're a queen but.. why did you look there, please don't tell me you expected someone to be in there..

  • burner boi
    burner boi

    These kids are too spoiled.

  • bobbi_letona !
    bobbi_letona !

    mama: ope nope nobody was that dumb this time

  • Mugxtzu

    Sabres spot in the 2nd round was not very fair

  • Donna Russo
    Donna Russo

    Nobody: Naz: Sometimes I think to myselfff



  • Wilson WU
    Wilson WU

    Them winner gets chocolate and everything food Me:Gets that every day but I hate chocolate and some candy

  • _Charlize_

    I love you guys, you guys have a stronger bond than Tanjiro and Nezuko. Don't let anything break that.

  • DD Crafts
    DD Crafts

    Legend I want you to know somthing I am your #1 Fan

  • Susan V
    Susan V

    Poor naz she actually earned her win we all know biggy cheated

  • Susan V
    Susan V

    It’s sad that papa is ready for three more children but not Guinea Pigs

  • kweku bediako
    kweku bediako


  • kweku bediako
    kweku bediako


  • Peter Stevens
    Peter Stevens

    How come they freek out about getting room service while their renting a private island?

  • Hannah Ferris
    Hannah Ferris

    You are my fav YTBERS!!

  • Gigi ZmentoZ
    Gigi ZmentoZ

    'Dont use clickbait'

  • Elfy_Aves

    Here is sabres amazing hiding spot idea 07:11

  • Leila Verduzco
    Leila Verduzco

    In America we say rock paper scissors

  • Jeremiah Arruda
    Jeremiah Arruda

    Give naz a guinea pig

  • bopha nin
    bopha nin

    i think naz should win

  • bopha nin
    bopha nin

    you guy should move to qreen land

  • Random Things
    Random Things

    Doggo Catto