TESTING VIRAL TIKTOK SCIENCE HACKS (that actually work) w/ The Norris Nuts
Guess 'REAL' or "FAKE' for each VIRAL experiement TikTok correctly to win iPhone 12 Pro Max
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In this video we find out which viral TikTok science experiment actually works. The Norris Nuts do a series of rounds to determine if the video on TikTok is real or not real. If they can guess all the answers correctly the winner will get to choose a mystery box that could contain the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Naz has been really wanting to get a guinea pig and she wants to look after a guinea pig for 24hrs. In the end it comes down to a tiebreaker and a game of hide and seek trying to find Mama Norris.

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  • The Norris Nuts
    The Norris Nuts

    LAST TO LEAVE CAR isdowns.info/lift/zpCcn42Kc3epbc0/v-deo NORRIS NUTS BECOME PARENTS isdowns.info/lift/upjZj6p6doiigtU/v-deo WE MOVED OUR BEDROOMS OUTSIDE isdowns.info/lift/nGqmrK6WZqmdnpo/v-deo

    • Alissah Leigh
      Alissah Leigh

      I tried the third one before you have to get the white tablets and add the oil first then the water then the food coloring then the tablets.

    • Alissah Leigh
      Alissah Leigh

      An Australia this hack might not work but in America there's double stuffed Oreos and I think you got thin Oreos cuz the original Oreos probably would have worked but yours Oreos and Australia might not work because they're a little bit too small but the ones in America are really big.

    • Wwe Theme Songs
      Wwe Theme Songs

      I’m a big fan of the Norris nuts catch me knuckles

    • EditzQueen


    • EditzQueen


  • Hobe Mugisha
    Hobe Mugisha

    and sockie won naz was only behind her so sockie should have won >:C=

  • EliEstaGimu

    hi nn big fan love your vids if you see this its been put a long time after the video but i am sorry for what happened Justin is innocent and I feel so bad for what happened to bubba I love chef sock and funny big tik tok star saber and stylist naz

  • Hobe Mugisha
    Hobe Mugisha

    for the milk and oreo the guy used a marshmellow and sqwezed it dont in the middle then put milk and it did nothing but he stop sqweezing it and let it go thats how he did it. :/

  • 🔪Grey_Teddy🧸

    Sockie should’ve won. She did technically win. So they shouldn’t have done Scissors paper rock.

  • goldnglaze !
    goldnglaze !

    The guy with the Oreo Replaced the Cream with a marshmallow and helt it down

  • Only for ROBLOX players
    Only for ROBLOX players

    You have to use the dubble cream Oreo

  • Annie Callans
    Annie Callans

    You guys did the ores one wrong

  • Justin789

    No offence but how is saber like 16 years old and I’m 10 and I know how everything works

  • dear dolly
    dear dolly


  • •Pearl Playz•
    •Pearl Playz•

    I love the Norris nuts

  • Bob Fleding
    Bob Fleding

    hey I havent seen anyone answer this but oil floats on water due to the density of water being less then the density of oil :)

  • Nayla Almahmeed
    Nayla Almahmeed

    When you edited your mum she had long theeth

  • Anna Gomm
    Anna Gomm

    Please give out shout outs

  • jaegarb1488

    Grrrrrrr no🥰🥰

  • Anna Gomm
    Anna Gomm

    I think more people should subscribe cause they put up through so much

  • biggest harry potter fan
    biggest harry potter fan

    The oil has a high viscodity rate compared to water

  • Anya Schryver
    Anya Schryver

    I feel like naz dosent deserve to open the mystery box because sockie found brooke

  • Vanessa Romero Gutierrez
    Vanessa Romero Gutierrez

    Hi if saber is seeing this hi I just want I to know ur beautiful just the way u are and so r all the others Norris nuts !!



  • Dahlia Arbogast
    Dahlia Arbogast

    A candle and water acualy can work but obviously with the coke it can't

  • Dahlia Arbogast
    Dahlia Arbogast

    I've done the lava lamp before and it worked

  • roblox vidoes
    roblox vidoes

    oreos have been aronde for 1912

  • Aesthetic Kae
    Aesthetic Kae

    I fill like sockie should have won because she opened the door first

  • Cosmics_and_ Nova
    Cosmics_and_ Nova

    The lava lamp trick does work. We did it in my silence class. It was cool

  • Charlotte Sproule
    Charlotte Sproule

    Who is a big fan here

  • Little Maker games
    Little Maker games

    It is top

  • Nsoromma Babb
    Nsoromma Babb

    THat is so fake Nax does not WIN SockIe opened The dOor THat is RUDEEEE

  • Amy Dyer
    Amy Dyer

    Where's favourite colour is purple and so is mine

  • its grace
    its grace

    I just have to say sabres outfit looks so good 😊

  • Kylie Hills
    Kylie Hills

    The Oreo expanding trick was because they put a marshmallow inside and then they like hold it down and as they look like it’s blowing they release the strength against the cookie and marshmallow

  • Nicole

    But sockie saw her first

  • Jayel Misa Lafaele
    Jayel Misa Lafaele

    I think they did need double stuffed oreos

  • milos center
    milos center

    They put a marshmallow in the Oreo that’s why it got big or whatever

  • Sophia Haulotte
    Sophia Haulotte

    Just to let you know the Oreo trick he has a a marsh mellow in the cookie sides

  • Kathryn Lawrence
    Kathryn Lawrence

    For thye lava lamp the reason it didn't fiz is because you have to wait a while in the video it was sped up.

  • Riley-Anne Little
    Riley-Anne Little

    the Oreo thing is fake they used a marsh mellow

  • I Love Food
    I Love Food

    The doctor: how did you die Slender mom: she died from oil

  • -Simply granger-
    -Simply granger-

    Sabre: I really want to drink the coke but I can’t because of my braces. Me: WHAT I AM GETTING BRACES AND I AM NOT ALLOWED TO DRINK COKE

  • TakisGurl_4Life

    1:35 my dogs name is Jakey XD

  • Nicky Vids
    Nicky Vids

    Sockie foubd Mum first so Sockie should get the phone

  • Nicky Vids
    Nicky Vids

    With the 2nd experiment he put a marshmallow inside the oreo and squashed it and released the pressure so it looked like the cookie expanded when he added the milk.

  • Bamboo_boy_1_ 2_3
    Bamboo_boy_1_ 2_3

    how is thatafiar sockie opened the door first and found mama

  • ꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄ 𒐪 ꧄꧄
    ꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄ 𒐪 ꧄꧄

    The 2nd one works with denture tablets

  • Toca Grace
    Toca Grace


  • Itzme Keisha
    Itzme Keisha

    Bruhhhhh sockie opened it first Naz was just behind her

  • Leslie

    Sabre deserves a phone because of all she has been though and she's old enough for a phone the others don't need a phone

  • Lily Franco
    Lily Franco

    I tried the lava lamp one I did that and it worked

  • Aisha Nakhi
    Aisha Nakhi

    sab oil cant disolve in water i kept watching all ur old vids 24/7 and ya i learnt that in grade 4 science

  • TwinsPlayz

    But we’re do you put your iPhones or apple products if no one wins it🤨

  • Anika Shanbhag
    Anika Shanbhag

    Naz cheated

  • sophie thorneycroft
    sophie thorneycroft

    16:45 this is because of the carbon in the air. Fire needs oxygen to survive and to stay alive so the carbon from the coke bubble kill the fire.

  • Amy Liebert
    Amy Liebert

    Thay used a marshmallow fore the Orio 1

  • Kameara Jones
    Kameara Jones

    I dont think its fair sockie went to that and naz was checking biggys and ran over to sockie and when sockie opened it naz yelled i found her sockie should’ve won

  • Antoine Jr
    Antoine Jr

    The cookie one they out a Marshmallow in the middle and he slowly lets go to grow

  • Sarah Cannell
    Sarah Cannell

    I love sabres outfit in this video! Green is a great colour on you sab!! Love you all so much NNs!!

  • Sarah Cannell
    Sarah Cannell

    I love sabres outfit in this video! Green is a great colour on you sab!! Love you all so much NNs🥳

  • Keith Novilla
    Keith Novilla

    I really feel that sockie is the one who found slender mum. Its because when i kept repeating the clip, i saw that sockie was the one holding the door and the moment the door is almost fully open, naz held the door (no hate plz). And at that moment i felt that naz is behind sockie.

  • mark salt
    mark salt

    The cookie expanded because it wasn’t cream it was a marshmallow 💚💛🧡🤍

  • Ivan Harrison
    Ivan Harrison

    Hi it’s fake bc when sockie said like you think it would pop and all that it said green screen vid effected

  • Clara Felitha
    Clara Felitha

    game Sakura school simulator ♥️

  • Wolf pack 33
    Wolf pack 33

    Buggy’s face on his box lol

  • Piecectrl_Joshy

    no sab you don't need to know every thing

  • Carl EULALIO
    Carl EULALIO

    the baloon hack worked for me ngl

  • Celina Emil
    Celina Emil

    I think that sockie found her and Naz went behind her ily Naz but the win should go to sockie tbh no hare ly u both baii

  • Regiena Tano
    Regiena Tano

    The Noerrle Nldtc

    • Regiena Tano
      Regiena Tano

      The Noerrle Nldts

  • Regiena Tano
    Regiena Tano

    The Noerrle Nldtc

  • delilah Yorny
    delilah Yorny

    Sockie found it first plus jaz should be disqualified she’s only 11 tiktok is 13+ not hating!

  • Ahry_playz

    For the lava-lamp u can use salt.

  • Leyla Hassan
    Leyla Hassan

    The norris nuts oil and water is the other way

  • roblox girl
    roblox girl

    I don’t realy like Sabre she a little bit mean to everyone

  • Mona MOHAMED
    Mona MOHAMED

    Naz: Image all of the Norris nuts fail but one of them passes My mind thinking if that happens: Biggy,Sockie,Naz: We failed Sabre: I passed Brooke: what did you guys failed at? Biggy,Sockie,Naz: tying the ballon😢

  • Shabeed S S
    Shabeed S S

    No problem

  • Lily Hawatmeh
    Lily Hawatmeh

    the oreo one is a marshmelo

  • Amogh Dhamankar
    Amogh Dhamankar

    The second one is fake because the guy in the video put a marshmallow in the Oreo thats how it worked

  • Grace Haskew
    Grace Haskew

    I’m thinking of buying some fashion

  • Big Brain
    Big Brain

    oil floats on top of water because oil is less dense than water i learns it in science when i was in 6th grade it’s called density

  • Torah bailey
    Torah bailey

    In every challenge they do i think naz never gets anything

  • Lauren

    naz didnt find her sockie did

  • tootie REED
    tootie REED

    Omg im a big fan and those hacks were CAP GET IT SOCKIE TELL THEM WHO U ARE GIRL!!!!!!!!

  • Karizavadsky


  • Ava Travers
    Ava Travers

    Hi! I'm a huge legend,I have been one for 3-4 years!!I love each and everyone of u:) PS:tell slender mam she should join u guys in a bloxxburg fam vid

  • MeAndMyFeatheredFriends

    you wrote first tiktok wrong

  • Azalia

    Sockie should have won

  • Big Walrus
    Big Walrus

    What, there isn’t enough cookie for the cream.

  • Maria Lohia
    Maria Lohia

    so bad

  • Vibe Memes
    Vibe Memes

    When I was watching the first 5 minutes of this video my street had a black out lol

  • miasdancer Hello People I’m Gary
    miasdancer Hello People I’m Gary

    I wish sockie won so she could’ve gotten the iPhone


    And if sockie won then she would’ve picked the right thing


    I feel like sockie found her though so it’s not fair on sockie cause she thought of the idea of going to sabres wardrobe and opening it naz didn’t do anything with the wardrobe she just stood there so I think sockie should have won because she lost out of default on the scissors paper rock.

  • _0ranqe_

    I don’t think that was fair for Sockie, no offence to Naz but like Sockie did open the wardrobe tbh.. Sorry Nazzy but I’m just being honest 🥺🌸

  • Cookie Norris
    Cookie Norris

    I feel sockie went into mum first naz was behind sockie

  • Cookie Norris
    Cookie Norris

    I think he used a marshmallow for the Oreo one

  • Sarah Graffin
    Sarah Graffin

    3 is real

  • Book Worm
    Book Worm

    How is that you can't tie a Balloon

  • Exalla

    Norris nuts the challenge number 2 was fake because it was a fake Oreo when you let go a little bit the cream inside Oreo gets bigger and bigger

  • Gurasis und pal Grewal
    Gurasis und pal Grewal

    Dieser Moment wenn man deutsch ist und sie auf Jule reagieren 😂

  • Reem Edits
    Reem Edits

    In the second round the white part in the video wasn't there it was just a Marshmello

  • BrightDxisy

    this is not fair sockie opened the door

  • Nella Jones
    Nella Jones

    i love your youtube videos so much