Norris Nuts create new bedrooms based on a painting aesthetic. WATCH MORE BELOW -
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In this video we find out which Norris Nut can give their bedroom in the Norris Nuts house the best bedroom makeover. There is a theme to transform your bedroom into a new aesthetic based on the painting you make. The Norris Nuts make a painting not knowing what it will be used for. Sabre thinks the painting is for a WHATEVER YOU DRAW I'LL BUY challenge. However, the painting will be used as inspiration for a complete bedroom transformation. The Norris Nuts go shopping to buy items for their room transformation and the best room will win a mystery box. The mystery box contains something that all Norris Nuts want.

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  • Emmeline Knight Bairstow
    Emmeline Knight Bairstow

    Bed skirt

  • Bunny’s and Kitty’s
    Bunny’s and Kitty’s

    I don’t feel like papa’s judging wasn’t fair because she helped and when ever she does something good she never wins (most of the time)

  • Miraculous Ladybug!!
    Miraculous Ladybug!!

    Rest in paradise bubba🕊💔

  • ☞︎𝙷𝚊𝚕𝚕𝚢☜︎

    I feel like naz should have won

  • Liz Micheal
    Liz Micheal

    Yay we can finally chat in this vids btw hello norris nuts u are so funny

  • Isra Dawre
    Isra Dawre

    Me:Eating Pasta Sockie:ExTrA ViRgIn OlIvE oIl My dirty mind's effects on me:COUGH COUGH

  • Katy Maldonado
    Katy Maldonado

    Naz Cleary had the best asthetic, I dint think it is fair. When she found out sockie had the higher score she just stood there.

  • xiao yu
    xiao yu

    I feel like Naz should win because she had a lot of colours,beautiful theme and her bedroom really matches her theme,the side thing are amazing especially the plant on top of her bed so she clearly won. I don't agree with Justin.

  • Sabre the donut 🍩
    Sabre the donut 🍩

    Nazzy’s was so good! Good job sab and maybe you’ll win next time Bigs sock and naz

  • Jaylyn Perez
    Jaylyn Perez

    Naz is a wonderful girl but the so called “DAD” is so mean to her she will have the same depression that u have if this doesn't stop like my dad did worse and I still hate him for it

  • Lizzy

    Shame on Justin man 😕 Nazzy tried so hard, matched the theme, and helped everyone and yet, she gets a 7.

  • Mariam Achkoudra
    Mariam Achkoudra

    I think nazzys room is the best it should win

  • Mariam Achkoudra
    Mariam Achkoudra

    I understand you sab it’s pain real pain

  • Windsor's Adventures
    Windsor's Adventures

    No hate but I think Naz should had won she lost because of waffles?!

  • Windsor's Adventures
    Windsor's Adventures

    Who won

  • Molly Jean Granger
    Molly Jean Granger

    Mamma should judge This isn’t fair Nazzys room is ✨AMAZING✨ I might decorate my room like that ♥️

  • GlowyStarzPlayz

    it's SOOOOOOOOOOO unfair, Naz should have won.😣😣😣😣😖😖😖😕😕😕☹️☹️

  • Navey

    I thought naz should have won sabre should have came second biggy third and sockie fourth

  • Saurav Chakma
    Saurav Chakma

    I think naz should wow because i think papa it,s not fair o think mama will be fair if she jurge

    • Saurav Chakma
      Saurav Chakma

      I mean won

  • Lemon Squad
    Lemon Squad

    Me: wondering what the vids about because i clicked to fast also love you ♥️💖 norris nuts

  • Pranati Chakma
    Pranati Chakma

    I think papa is not fair i think naz should won

  • Sumplayz

    I feel so bad for Justin he’s always getting blamed when he did nothing all he’s doing is rating

    • niva x
      niva x

      Ikr the legends aren’t the judges… *no offense to legends btw*

  • Sumplayz

    I don’t think it’s in fair j nap because Justin is just judging it’s his decision not the fans so don’t worry u did good

  • Anthony Cuellar
    Anthony Cuellar

    I like jazz merch and I want to buy it I've been shaking it out and I'm going to tell my dad

  • Seyar Noorzoe
    Seyar Noorzoe

    help i was literally screaming and i lost it when justin said 'iM a fAiR jUdGe' well clearly you're not, if you were a fair judge naz would've won. of course sockie is that favourite child. facts right here: sabre: gets a car, lots of money on her birthday and a big big surpise party. sockie: gets to meet her idol (gordon ramsey), gets a cooking channel and a gaming channel. biggy: got to go to a tropical island and got a lot of designer brand clothing. naz: let alone having a pet 6 years later she never even got to film her birthday let alone going to a tropical paradise, all naz got was a guinea pig after 6 years.


    I love naz room

  • Holly's Yt
    Holly's Yt

    I think Justin should rate Naz 10/10 •No hate i just liked naz it suits•

  • Amani1020

    I have a question for Sockie... what it baffles?

  • Tyrone Washington
    Tyrone Washington

    Justin judging and giving naz a 7 Justin: I’m so fair me: almost crying because I thought naz should’ve won...

  • Ilisha Rajiv
    Ilisha Rajiv

    I feel like now we should see how Brooke judges she would be better I think

  • Violet

    NAZZY IS Pretty I sync Nas one not saber

  • ꧁Little Gold Nugget꧂
    ꧁Little Gold Nugget꧂

    Has should have one it’s not fair

  • SparkPlays💕

    She gave Sabre her pillow and helped Biggy unpack the lamp and cut the baffles signs for sockie Justin I’m not happy with your judging today no hate

  • lyrically xx
    lyrically xx

    i can’t be the only one who disagrees with everyone in this comment section. yeah naz may have had a nice room in your eyes but at the end of the day it all comes down to preference and justin was the judge. you don’t all have to agree with his decisions but at least respect him as the judge.

    • niva x
      niva x

      u aren’t but I’ve only seen 2 other people (INCLUDING U) that agrees with this…

  • Sophie Attard
    Sophie Attard

    nah should have won

  • Giada Moses
    Giada Moses

    Naz could get bunny a Hawaiian dress so that she could match her room

  • Sussybakas_YT

    Lol the way biggie said “ bc your nice and heavy” LOL laughed so hard

  • Sussybakas_YT

    I understand your pain saber/ probably sebre idk lol ^^

  • Weirdo _
    Weirdo _

    I feel so bad for Naz. Nobody ever pays attention to her and she always gets left out and forgotten and never wins challenges but she doesn’t even cry about it. If it was biggy or sockie who got a 7 they would have cried but Naz is so strong and she puts up with it. This is no hate to the other Norris nuts but I just hate to see Naz being treated so badly :( please do better

  • Lael-Rose Khloe Koopman
    Lael-Rose Khloe Koopman


  • joud3mohammad

    I thought naz should've won to be honest Justin you've got to stop picking favourites mate

  • avril Thomson- De meuter
    avril Thomson- De meuter

    To be honest i loved all of them but I feel like naz edged it by so much. Firstly she helped the norris nuts and her room personally deserved a 9 or 10. it was so well done and just great I cant believe she lost

  • Timothy Mourn
    Timothy Mourn

    Naz should win

  • Latifa Mohammed
    Latifa Mohammed

    I thought sockie hated dresses

  • 15 Ira Tadanki
    15 Ira Tadanki

    I *cannot* believe that naz got the least score

  • Samay Ahmed
    Samay Ahmed

    and i hope you have a wonderfull time every day

  • Samay Ahmed
    Samay Ahmed

    and i looooooooove your channel ive been watching it since biggy did his first video of surfing

  • Samay Ahmed
    Samay Ahmed

    and if something is satisfying its a fidget

  • Samay Ahmed
    Samay Ahmed

    the blinfold orbeez thing is a fidget lots of people have it on tiktok and say that its a fidget

  • Angxla•!

    Most of the comments are talking about how Naz didn’t win and stuff and I totally agree but it’s just what Justin thinks we can’t blame him for that

  • cupcake sprinkle
    cupcake sprinkle

    Bruh I love Nazzy design and why would u make ur own little daughter a 7?!!! That make over on nazzy room was the best then anyone not gonna lie and she puted more love in that bed and ur totally unfair judge and all of the legends are the best of judging why can’t u let us judge not justin not gonna lie and I am not beating mean I am just saying that that’s unfair

  • :XsQusiheeX: Vlog
    :XsQusiheeX: Vlog

    Biggy the thingamajig is what I call a bed skirt

  • Stik Cg
    Stik Cg

    it was AirPods

  • Genesis Rodriguez
    Genesis Rodriguez

    naz should have won

  • dumbo_potter

    i get the best thing about sabre's bed XD

  • Eva McQ
    Eva McQ

    “All old girls will understand my pain” -Sabre 👁👄👁 why on the internet….. the internet.”- Me

  • Cipers Butterfly
    Cipers Butterfly

    Naz should of won that fair and square

  • Dcluv Food
    Dcluv Food

    I like sickies but naz actually matched her paintings.Naz should of had won(no hate)love the nn💖💖

  • Sylvia Hays
    Sylvia Hays

    I can’t believe that naz didn’t win she only got a 7 if I was the judge I would of gave her a 10 naz I love ur room

  • Nayllee Rosembert
    Nayllee Rosembert

    Naz should have won, it's not fair, she matched the theme so good she doesn't deserve a 7

    • Nayllee Rosembert
      Nayllee Rosembert

      she also did a lot for the others. It's not fair man

  • Sarah Dekker
    Sarah Dekker

    a\all thier rooms were shit

  • xXpeachiewolfXx

    I love how Sabre said all the older girls know the pain and holding up the red quilt I know Sabre I know it sucks :)

  • Sarah Dekker
    Sarah Dekker

    theres something wrong with them if theyre shit is that orange colour

  • Sarah Dekker
    Sarah Dekker

    sabres such a idiot. why didnt she just make it girly themed, highheels are girly.

  • Tia Luu- Fenech
    Tia Luu- Fenech

    Naz should've been scored higher than Sockie (no hate to Sockie

  • Alexa_roblox Alexa76
    Alexa_roblox Alexa76

    The thing is were are the genuine pigs ???

  • Mike Rits
    Mike Rits

    Naz should have won

  • ・Bby Shark・
    ・Bby Shark・

    I honestly think Nazzy should of won she out a lot of effort into her make over

  • Forza playz
    Forza playz


  • Karlie Miles
    Karlie Miles

    wow i wish i had naz room

  • Phoebe Alexander
    Phoebe Alexander

    I loved Sockie's but I think Naz should of won

  • Ellie Bennett
    Ellie Bennett

    i think that justin like sockies more becuase of the baffles and thats stupid because its not about food you should make a no food rule because its obviously why justin gave sockie a higher score. Im not hating im just stating my opinion so please dont think im hating im just saying its unfair i mean sockies almost always winning and i cant think of a time naz has won. i love you all but please judge on colour/theme, NOT food.

  • Lola Pennington
    Lola Pennington

    Nice room’s

  • Warferena

    Naz should have won she was my favourite bed and also matched the painting the most and it was beautiful

  • Mango Man
    Mango Man

    Everyone just calm down Justin can do whatever he wants “ even tho naz helped everyone and her bedroom was really nice” to be honest I liked sockies the most “no hate to other Norris nuts”

  • Tommy Innit
    Tommy Innit

    "welcome back to mama, and papa, and the CRAPPY NUTS" THAT GOT ME LAUGHING-

  • Moe Kyaw
    Moe Kyaw

    I feel like sockie is Justin’s favorite kid

  • Jessica Rodger
    Jessica Rodger

    Naz is bed room was the most colourful and fun this is my a opinion think Naz should of won but I fell very happy of who won you guys are the best

  • Lorie finlayson
    Lorie finlayson

    How the heck did naz beat mama and biggy and sockie didn't 😔

  • Mark Bateson
    Mark Bateson

    naz had the better room it would make me feel something papa is not fair

  • Aesthetic pink vibes 💕
    Aesthetic pink vibes 💕

    Why is everyone choosing naz and saying she should of one i thing Sabre should of won

  • Aesthetic pink vibes 💕
    Aesthetic pink vibes 💕

    To be honest nas pillows did not macth

  • Shikha Sikka
    Shikha Sikka


  • Peter Breen
    Peter Breen

    Justin : "I'm always fair" Me: "yeah right Naz deservesa win"

  • Peter Breen
    Peter Breen

    Naz should win It's not fair

  • Isabelle Uw.
    Isabelle Uw.

    Naz should have won Justin's judging was an fair

  • Arisara Atrajai
    Arisara Atrajai


  • Euphoric

    Naz clearly had a better design

  • Banana Memes
    Banana Memes

    Nazzy should have one there’s more effort into it then Justin said “I’m always fair” he just gave Naz more less of a score bc Sockie gave food

  • ~Wolf-_-Pack~

    Nas should have won no hate

  • ✨𝙺𝚎𝚗𝚍𝚊𝚕𝚕 𝚖𝚊𝚎✨
    ✨𝙺𝚎𝚗𝚍𝚊𝚕𝚕 𝚖𝚊𝚎✨

    Nazzy was better than all like when you see it you literally see one specific color

  • Talya Hanien
    Talya Hanien

    naz had the best room and also the fact that she got the lowest score

  • caitlin and alfies toy review
    caitlin and alfies toy review

    it was not fair that sockie lost her bedroom was so much better then the rest of then all from alfie astle if you dont replly i will be angraymm,mmmmmmm,,,,

  • Queen catty
    Queen catty

    Naz was the winner come on Justin💚💛💙❤💜💟💙💝💕💞😱😱😱😊👍😡😠😠😬😬😤

  • Callaghan Family
    Callaghan Family

    I feel like sabre cheated because her high heel was pink but she got red

  • Ricky&Vicky

    Hahahaha it’s a bed skirt Big 🤣🤣🥰. 💚

  • Rhyme

    I lost it when Justin said "I'm a fair judge" if you were naz should've definitely won😶

    • Sabre the donut 🍩
      Sabre the donut 🍩


    • Rhyme

      Hey Norris nuts! Thank you sm for noticing my comment and liking it when there's hunders and thousands of comments really hope Brooke rejudges this bc nazzy should've def won (no hate to sockie I also liked her but nazzy's was just stunning

  • Genesis Baez
    Genesis Baez

    Naz did better am Srryy but if I was her dad iwill give it a 9.7so

  • ItzLxla

    I think That was so unfair. Naz Cleary won. There's no way sockie got more of a score with her bedroom. Justin said he wanted to feel somthing. How does he feel somthing from a plain bedroom? I no offense to anyone, but naz was the best one.

  • Gabriella Joy
    Gabriella Joy

    sockie one is not that good

2,3 m.