EXPOSING MY FAMILY *truth revealed
Would you keep a secret for your sibling? the results will surprise you!
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In this video we find out which Norris Nut is the most loyal. The Norris Nuts participate in a series of loyalty tests. The test will put them in a situation where they have to keep a secret and we see what each Norris Nut will do when confronted with that situation. Will the Norris Nuts all be loyal to their siblings or will they tell the parents Mama and Papa? Is telling the parents the right thing to do anyway? We answer those questions through some stressful scenarios and you'll be surprised to see the outcome!

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  • The Norris Nuts
    The Norris Nuts

    WATCH NEXT - Norris Nuts Family Camping (gone wrong) isdowns.info/lift/ymzJaoSmqISNg6s/v-deo WHICH NORRIS NUT EATS MOST COOKIES challenge isdowns.info/lift/z32zjoB3aH6tgLM/v-deo LAST TO LEAVE THE CAR isdowns.info/lift/zpCcn42Kc3epbc0/v-deo

    • vincet Ward
      vincet Ward



      Hey Sabre,Sockie,biggy,Naz I dont like to watch your vids I love to watch your vids

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      Sunjay narayan


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      Ommy Nyumba

      Lesedi laveyou

  • MambaKan 24
    MambaKan 24

    Why don’t you skate anymore

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  • Bron Haze
    Bron Haze

    Its good to know that all of them have each-other's backs :)

  • 9102340751

    Well yall say dob we say tell or snitch

  • Rae Bwla
    Rae Bwla

    *Drops cookie* What the freak *continues to laugh*

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    Andrea Ryan


  • yogisol

    i love how biggy was like silent and did not understand what was going on! :]

  • EmxlySparkle

    Those videos make me laugh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • O̸𝚕𝚒𝚟𝚎

    Sockie starts crying Me:WHY ARE YOU CRYING!?ARE YOU OKAY??!!

  • Blanca Quezada
    Blanca Quezada

    I love how saber was like she was chill

  • Riley Munce
    Riley Munce

    not going to lie saber looks older in this

  • Rori Wallace
    Rori Wallace

    I was wondering if you’d could do a last to leave your wardrobe

  • Julia Bell - AES 2028
    Julia Bell - AES 2028

    But they have a ton of rules

  • Julia Bell - AES 2028
    Julia Bell - AES 2028

    All the Norris nuts r so mature now

  • Neisha williams
    Neisha williams

    Soockie looks like she could be klaus mikalsons daughter

  • Alana Hammond
    Alana Hammond

    🌸who’s been a legend forever 🌸

  • BooYeePlayz

    Lol sockie is still in her pjs

  • Natasha Hobbs
    Natasha Hobbs

    Sockies hair is soooooo long

  • Darfynny Carvalho
    Darfynny Carvalho

    To anyone seeing this please like it so the Norris nuts do this. Norris nuts can you PLEASE do a challenge of whoever does the best PAPER SQUISHY wins a mystery box and you have to do a challenge to see the budgets. The budgets are $50, $25, $15, and lastly 10 dollars. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do this i think t would go great with all the fidget things. PLEASE COPY AND PASTE IT TO SPREAD THE WORD

  • diggz77

    I love you guys so much and I want to meet you so bad but I live in Florida,United States of America

  • Certified Quincy
    Certified Quincy

    i love your family's rules

  • Layla carter
    Layla carter

    My paranoid self watching the video: Sockie: biggy has been a little sick Me:remembers naz in the beginning coughing Also me:😷😷🤒🤒🤕🤧😷🤭RRRRRRROOOOOOOONNNNNNNAAAAAAAA😂😂😂 Hope you feel better biggy ❤️‍🩹

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    XDSafteyDoge []

    Biggy if your reading this I'm not liying but I'm sick to😫😫😟😟😟😪😪😪🤢🤢🤢🤒🤒🤒🤕🤕💯 Stay shrimpy😁😁😁😁😘😘😘♥️♥️♥️

  • Kira and Bella
    Kira and Bella

    You guys should do a in edited vlog

    • rose gold jassy and buddy the dog
      rose gold jassy and buddy the dog

      They edit all the things dummy

  • Madison McComb
    Madison McComb

    Norris Nuts I love your ISdowns channel but the sad thing is is that people make fun of me when ever I tell them that I watch you guys I want you guys to know that you are the most kind loving supportive family I have ever watched and over all you guys are so kind and funny and I love your channel so much ❤️❤️❤️😁😁😁😁

  • flqrxia

    tbh they should do this the other way cuz sockie is the person who tattle tells lol

  • Arisu Xoijk
    Arisu Xoijk

    It’s Elia- hi

  • Bertrandbeb

    I felt like sabre was so mature because she did not dob on sockie but she was so responsable by saying but the next time i will tell mom so i feel like she is loyal to her parents and her siblings

  • Thami Ncube
    Thami Ncube

    hypocrite sockie norris chain ⬇️ c’mon guys help me

  • Thami Ncube
    Thami Ncube

    sockie also likes to say that she swears to not dob/snitch but she actually does it 🙄

  • Thami Ncube
    Thami Ncube

    it’s actually bad how much she sucks up to the mother and is constantly trying to be good and snitch on a siblings

  • Thami Ncube
    Thami Ncube

    the only person that is a snitch is sockie

  • Nivi B
    Nivi B

    Get well soon Biggy

  • Daz a
    Daz a

    btw why would you do that?

  • Arianna Acosta
    Arianna Acosta

    guys should do a day of the life of the guinea pigs(legends spread the word!)

  • Tom Peet
    Tom Peet

    Hi Norris nuts I need help me and my friend had a fight and she unfriend me on roblox

    • A friendly fairy
      A friendly fairy

      Um do you know each other in person

  • Sweet BubblesCake
    Sweet BubblesCake

    omg me and Sockie "hmmd?" at the same time lol

  • Elodie Antonia
    Elodie Antonia

    I love how when Sabre noticed the cookie you could tell she really was sorry for Sockie that she got exposed but also how she was kind about the whole prank

  • Lacey. Stockwell
    Lacey. Stockwell

    Biggie you should go and see your crush in America

  • Lacey. Stockwell
    Lacey. Stockwell

    Sabre you should go to America

  • Lacey. Stockwell
    Lacey. Stockwell

    Soggy you should go to secret Romsey

  • Lacey. Stockwell
    Lacey. Stockwell

    Love you too

  • Lacey. Stockwell
    Lacey. Stockwell

    I love you videos

  • Lacey. Stockwell
    Lacey. Stockwell

    Naz should get a guinea pig

  • Lacey. Stockwell
    Lacey. Stockwell

    I love Biggie

  • Lacey. Stockwell
    Lacey. Stockwell

    Lacey. Stockwell

  • Lacey. Stockwell
    Lacey. Stockwell


  • Lolymar Jimenez
    Lolymar Jimenez

    0:00 she’s a runner she’s a track star 😃😃😌

    • Lolymar Jimenez
      Lolymar Jimenez


  • Potatoe Hotdogs
    Potatoe Hotdogs

    lol there all goody too shoes they would get buried in my school there was a fight in my yr 8 lol

  • Fluff and stuff.
    Fluff and stuff.

    This videp is priceless.🤣😂

  • tyson Mateo
    tyson Mateo

    Nas is so funny well you got to be nice to me

  • Aᴜssɪᴇ Rᴏʙʟᴏx
    Aᴜssɪᴇ Rᴏʙʟᴏx

    Yesterday was discos birthday

    • Its me leah ♐️
      Its me leah ♐️

      @Aᴜssɪᴇ Rᴏʙʟᴏx oh okay

    • Aᴜssɪᴇ Rᴏʙʟᴏx
      Aᴜssɪᴇ Rᴏʙʟᴏx

      @Its me leah ♐️ yup google it

    • Its me leah ♐️
      Its me leah ♐️


  • Adamari Salceda Tijero
    Adamari Salceda Tijero

    U should do a video of what u do in a day like in the Norris nuts Chanel like u doing homework or what u do the whole day with all the Norris nuts like naz taking care of her guinie pig:)

  • Adz_4047

    hey sockie can u do a part 2 on this please

  • RyeZe

    Is it just me or we growed up with them i started to watch them when i was 5 never missed a video😊

  • Eshal Batool
    Eshal Batool

    Norris nuts plz do reacting to BTS memes

  • Viviana de Abreu Neves
    Viviana de Abreu Neves

    Sockie be doing this just so he can just do all the things she’s not aloud to do 😂🤣

  • Shandramohan Kumarasamy
    Shandramohan Kumarasamy

    i love how sabre and sockie have such a good bond

  • Katherin Padilla
    Katherin Padilla

    Wait you said what the freak so you do bad words lol


    24hours let Naz have a Guinea pig

  • vincet Ward
    vincet Ward

    When dose naz gets her gienn pigs

  • Hannah NeKelly
    Hannah NeKelly

    Is only allowed just food on Friday night, and junk food leftovers on Saturday if there are any.

  • Lwam 422
    Lwam 422


  • C o o k i e
    C o o k i e

    It’s good that there not telling

  • SarahdayZ

    They’re so pretty

  • I like bread
    I like bread

    *what the freak?!* Am I the only one who can’t stop laughing?

  • Antonio Goncalves
    Antonio Goncalves

    Love your videos ❣️


    Norris when are you going to upload the final video of naz getting a guinea pig and I know naz keep its name Baz which name she will keep the other guinea pig because she is getting 2

    • Ozy Bloak
      Ozy Bloak

      I was thinking baz me legend!

  • Rosie and issy world
    Rosie and issy world

    I love your videos

  • H C
    H C

    No offense but I don’t get out of all them why sockie would do this, sockie is the least loyal. When someone like biggy sneaks sweets, sockie being the fav child she is immediately tells on him to Brooke. :/

  • Aliyah Norris ❤️🦐
    Aliyah Norris ❤️🦐


  • Susan Nakayenga
    Susan Nakayenga

    Y’all have strict rules

  • alex_thepro

    sabre"WHAT THE FREAK"

  • ABC News And Minecraft 2011
    ABC News And Minecraft 2011


  • Kenya Nicole
    Kenya Nicole

    Wow that’s crazy the kids can’t have snacks during the day oh wow

    • H20fanatic20

      They can’t have sweets during the day, they can eat other snacks just fine. That’s normal here in Australia tbh

  • Gamer Zentix
    Gamer Zentix

    Sockie: Pls don’t tell Sabre: 😈

  • It’s Livs!
    It’s Livs!

    Thank you so much Norris nuts! Give naz a guinea pig! I loved that song!

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    Ella Connor

    Hi big fan I am aLEGEND

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    Isabella Benavides

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    Lisa Blacklock

    I love yo7 guys I am such a big legend

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    Miss Rea

    This is for you Norris nuts dad aka Justin: Give naz a guinea pig!♥️🙏🥺

  • Masie Drew
    Masie Drew

    Can you do a part of this considering biggy was ill%?

  • The annoying kids🙄🤞🏾
    The annoying kids🙄🤞🏾

    And u guys have to sneak food🤨that’s crazy

  • The annoying kids🙄🤞🏾
    The annoying kids🙄🤞🏾

    I think this abuse y’all are a age u need to watch ISdowns and the fact y’all only can get 1 hour is crazy

  • Ekaterini Giamos
    Ekaterini Giamos

    Sockie going into the closet... My brain: Is she going vegan again??? Lol love you guys 🌙💖🌙

  • Aisyah Zahirah vlog
    Aisyah Zahirah vlog

    It’s sad when sockie sneak cookie everyone didn’t tell on her but when biggy sneak an ipad and told sockie,sockie told mum😔

    • Angela Yamamoto
      Angela Yamamoto

      @Aisyah Zahirah vlog I don't think that is the same thing...

    • Angela Yamamoto
      Angela Yamamoto

      @Aisyah Zahirah vlog ??

    • Aisyah Zahirah vlog
      Aisyah Zahirah vlog

      @Evie ヅ it’s not about foods or things😂it’s about loyalty if biggy can be loyal to sockie,sockie have to be loyal to biggy too.this is like when you tell someone your secret and then she/he tells everyone but you keep her/ his secret safe.

    • Evie ヅ
      Evie ヅ

      It’s not sad because a cookie isn’t that bad

    • Aisyah Zahirah vlog
      Aisyah Zahirah vlog

      @✨alexis✨ you can put it at your bag bruh😂

  • Kuba.L16

    no hate but at the end u need to do * too

  • Una Besedic
    Una Besedic

    Sockie threw those cookies away so she just wasted some delicious cookies :c

  • sami

    why so many rules

  • Niki Raz
    Niki Raz

    That cookie expose you

  • Armonee’s Fun World
    Armonee’s Fun World


  • Slime with Esha
    Slime with Esha

    You should make a song: Give Sockie a cookie!

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    kika liundi

    giving naz a guinea pig to keep for her whole life

  • Magic

    I wonder if they watch there own video’s

  • Siilver_Star Xx
    Siilver_Star Xx

    Sabres face when she realizes that its a prank

    • Kelly Mahoney
      Kelly Mahoney


  • Happy vibes
    Happy vibes

    If u do something for someone do t expect something in return nazzy

  • Crafty Donuts - Vlogging
    Crafty Donuts - Vlogging

    Where's Baz?

  • Crafty Donuts - Vlogging
    Crafty Donuts - Vlogging

    I love it so much more when you guys post more

  • Alex Diaz
    Alex Diaz

    Lucky for Sockie she gets to eat the cookies 😂 Is this one of Sockie’s tricks to be able to eat cookie’s 👀 Or does she actually sneak cookies lol. I also hope Biggy feels better soon! ❤️