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In this video we find out if Sockie will need to be tested for the same medical conditions as Sabre Norris. Sockie is worried she is not growing well for her age and this is one of the symptoms that Sabre had. Sockie's is worried she will be on needles daily if she has the same as Sabre. Sockie needs to go to the doctor for advice and we hear what happens. The Norris Nuts make Sabre and Sockie and special breakfast pack which Sockie forgets. There is also some other news about the Norris Nuts new house, the World of Pets game and the Norris Nuts go surfing.

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  • The Norris Nuts
    The Norris Nuts


    • Indie Talbot
      Indie Talbot

      When sabre said “oh well its an Aussie thing to say let’s go to the beach for a day but like what about people who live in America or England” Me: living in the middle of the dessert on Western Australia with no shops or anything just Woolworths and IGA Also me: 👁 👄 👁, ummm so sabre thats actually the part where ur wrong

    • Erina Tamehana
      Erina Tamehana

      Hi my name is Harmony

    • Grace Ferris
      Grace Ferris

      Did anyone else hear the bleeps when biggy swore

    • Linda Anderson
      Linda Anderson

      WOW ! You guys ROCK ! 🦋🇨🇦🦋

    • Maya gamer
      Maya gamer

      Biggy cussed

  • Wolf Lover
    Wolf Lover

    SABER SOKIE ITS FINE hope your ok

  • spirit chain
    spirit chain

    i like the one that has no background

  • VexBread

    aww sabre its ok the gym is self care you yskong care of you and your siblings the legends are so proud of you {if been underwright my whole life} you make me feel better about myself 💖

  • Brian Brown
    Brian Brown

    Biggy getting crashed by a wave Then OH BEEEEEEEP

  • Cecily McDaniel
    Cecily McDaniel

    Am I the only one who thought Sabre was like 12 or 13

  • Fidget wonderland
    Fidget wonderland

    That is scary but I have had nose tubs

  • Bankston Bangers
    Bankston Bangers

    i am on my dads account but i am a 12 but what if naz gets it if sickie gets that would suck and if charm gets it when them to get older

  • feseha gebeyehu
    feseha gebeyehu

    I would love to see Sabre drive in the McDonald’s drive trough

  • Bahzad Shad
    Bahzad Shad

    6:16 DID BIGGY...

  • Honest Honor
    Honest Honor

    Here in England when it’s cold we stay inside with the radiator on

  • GoshDarn Sheepish
    GoshDarn Sheepish

    In England we go to indoor swimming pools, parks, well we just do everything you do indoors, except for beaches but instead of sand there’s rocks..

    • Honest Honor
      Honest Honor


  • Mae ang
    Mae ang


  • Jessica Tilney
    Jessica Tilney

    girl im 13 and have stopped growing and its normall dw

  • Thehartsquad

    I really admire you sockie you are so brave and kind and such a good cook I love your videos you are so beautiful and I love being comfy as well I love you biggy you are so kind to naz you have the best bond you are the same age as me I love how supportive you are I love you naz you are adorable and so kind your voice is so cute I love bunny I live you so much I love you sabre legends don’t judge we will support you and no matter what happens I will still love and support you Please let the Norris nuts see this they are amazing

  • sweet_chxrryxX

    Biggy just cursed

  • Zaria Echavarria
    Zaria Echavarria

    Sabre:I think sockie need a cuddle Sabres hair: me too

  • itsWolf_PlaysYt

    To Sockie and Saber I know how it feels Next month I’m going to do a surgery Like I always do it’s not that I have a illness It’s just that I’m burned so that’s why I always have to surgery’s Your both very brave

  • Samairas Magical World
    Samairas Magical World

    6:15 biggy swearing

  • Mr. Butternubs
    Mr. Butternubs

    I live in Arizona and I can tell you, it get extremely boring especially with the pandemic. In Arizona we don't have beaches, forests, etc. I really want to move out but, it's expensive.

  • Lisanda Vezi
    Lisanda Vezi

    Lets get papa to go viral

  • elle miller
    elle miller

    well i live in the middle of america. in the summer we just go to a lake or something and swim/fish/kayak, but in the winter there isn’t much to do, except ice skate and sled

  • Jk_Yuna

    It's okay Sockie, Legends will be here for you

  • marlowe whitsel
    marlowe whitsel

    did biggy cuss twice

  • malia finau
    malia finau

    did biggy swear while surfing omg

  • ANONYMOUS 8463
    ANONYMOUS 8463

    English people just do it anyway

  • siimply

    I have a 4’11 13 year old friend

  • chelsea Enwefah
    chelsea Enwefah

    God is always with you!

  • It’sDinoMarine

    6:16is that a bad word?

  • Ella Hunt
    Ella Hunt

    Sockie your so brave and sabre your such a good supporter, I just want to tell you could you do more last to leave videos because there amazing! xx

  • LazyPotato_Eli

    Im not that far into the video, and i really hope the sockie is just a late bloomer and is short🤞 Edit: i like the one with the background, for the neckless

  • FidgetGammerJamie

    In England we chill and watch you

  • Madeline Nett
    Madeline Nett

    I’m going to the doctor tomorrow to see if I’m growing. I don’t think I am. I’m almost 10 and I’m 4’3. I haven’t even started developing. You guys really cheer me up when you upload! Thanks so much!! Also I live in Minnesota, USA and we don’t have a beach beach but we have a lake beach :)

  • deped dagupan
    deped dagupan

    I can't believe sabre is driving!! Hopefully you get your driving license! :DD

  • tom hollands wife
    tom hollands wife

    Sabre u look amazing!!!!!!!!

  • •Pink Panda girl•
    •Pink Panda girl•

    Im in england and ive never seen someone surf where i live i have seen alot of people swimming in the sea in summer also where i live its 24 degrees which i think is hot and what i do when i dont go surfing coz i dont i crochet and knit and play with my bunny

  • Kaka Auguste
    Kaka Auguste

    Love you guys

  • shut up malfoy
    shut up malfoy

    Jesus Christ died for our sins

  • mary hill
    mary hill

    My aunt is supper scared if needles lol when she was younger she kicked a doctor across the whole room because of the needle

    • Emily royal
      Emily royal


  • Laura Hole
    Laura Hole

    We just dont go to the beach

  • Ella Evans
    Ella Evans

    How old are you sabre

  • Hoggyrats4life

    Sockie you need to toughen up, your being such a baby about needles me and my sister are both the same age and we dint care about needles, you put on a show and cry about nothing. Stop being a baby.

  • Martta

    You all are amazing!

  • Kaisey Walker
    Kaisey Walker

    Has the seawater got salt in it

  • mary adenes
    mary adenes

    Have never seen a herbal Doctor like DR Rorpopor herbal on you-tube who cured me from herpes totally GOD BLESS YOU

  • Jade Plays Stuff
    Jade Plays Stuff

    Sockie, don't be worried about your period being a few years late. I'm 15 right now and my period just happened a few months ago so we're in the same boat.

  • Miller Camlin
    Miller Camlin

    STAY SHRIMPYYYYYY!!! Big fan of your channel.

  • avah & Bella
    avah & Bella

    12:18 that's so nice Biggy and Naz bonding so much and holding hands so nice :)❤️❤️💖

  • Muniira Abukar
    Muniira Abukar

    The covered one of the necklace

  • Bushra Kassem
    Bushra Kassem


  • brodie whittle
    brodie whittle

    And just look away from the needle and close your eyes and it will take 5 seconds

  • brodie whittle
    brodie whittle

    People grow so many inches a year

  • tHeOdOr

    i think naz said that she wanted a guinea pig in that "10 things u didint know about The Norris Nuts" but idrk

  • Ammelia Burne
    Ammelia Burne

    sabre:this looked so much better on the model me:beautiful (:

  • Aiza Aqeel
    Aiza Aqeel


  • Azra KULAFI
    Azra KULAFI

    Omg Biggy cursed twice! In 4 years of watching them they have never cursed before!

  • Halle callan
    Halle callan

    its okay biggy i know you said the wong word and sometimes it just slips out

  • SleepyAlienFromPluto R.A.
    SleepyAlienFromPluto R.A.

    My mom stopped growing at age 12 and she didn't have any medical "problems" with puberty idk if I've stopped growing but im 13 and about 5'3

  • uniqueskyys

    Sabre literally has more energy than me at 4AM IN THE MORNING than I do at 7AM. WHATTTT

  • ilove banff
    ilove banff

    no background!

  • JellyCake103

    naz's face earrings are everything tho

  • Kallie James
    Kallie James

    i like the second neclace

  • Kitty Collins
    Kitty Collins

    No background ❤️✨

  • y u k i n i g h t
    y u k i n i g h t

    I’ve grew 10 inches in 3 years! :D

  • Honey Waitoa
    Honey Waitoa


  • Landon Hill
    Landon Hill

    Why is biggy swearing in this video he is 9 years old i think and he is swearing alot

    • Landon Hill
      Landon Hill

      @night mist ok

    • Talal Alkaragoly
      Talal Alkaragoly

      He’s 12 not 9

    • night mist
      night mist

      Tommyinnit is an influencer

  • Sophiya Baxter
    Sophiya Baxter

    You guys should sell both of the necklaces!

  • Blayre Hinojosa
    Blayre Hinojosa

    I am a huge legend

  • Blayre Hinojosa
    Blayre Hinojosa

    Your dad is there for everything

  • shut up malfoy
    shut up malfoy

    Jesus Christ died for our sins

  • Elli and Beyond
    Elli and Beyond

    When saber said like what do you do when you’re in the middle of America Me: I just. Live?

  • Faith Amuntung
    Faith Amuntung


  • Cynthia Sukotjo
    Cynthia Sukotjo


  • Roxana Refetova
    Roxana Refetova

    So rude Biggy swearing is so bad you said the s word

  • Shoe Nan
    Shoe Nan

    I felt so bad when Sabre said ‘sockie thinks she has the same medical condition as me’ and Biggy said ‘which one’

  • Summer Wara
    Summer Wara

    did anyone knwo that biggy cussed and they bleep it out im just saying no hate guys i know it slips sometimes but really biggy......

  • Kiddo Emily
    Kiddo Emily

    I’m a big legend I was your 25th subscriber sorry if I look bad or I’m not famous but please reply

  • 𓆉𝚜𝚎𝚊𝚇𝚜𝚝𝚊𝚛𓆉

    6:17 biggy cussed twice

  • Lex

    I didn't know I needed Biggie swearing in my life. XD Also, I like the no background necklace best, and I'm interested in your house. :) I'd also love to see a vlog of Sabe driving to Macdonalds. :)

  • Lex

    I live in the exact middle of America, so we've got really cold winters, hot summers, and no beaches. Ya'll are really lucky. =)

  • Carmelina Moore
    Carmelina Moore

    For the necklace I like the one that has no background on it

  • Cynthia Sukotjo
    Cynthia Sukotjo


  • Darfynny Carvalho
    Darfynny Carvalho

    To anyone seeing this please like it so the Norris nuts do this. Norris nuts can you PLEASE do a challenge of whoever does the best PAPER SQUISHY wins a mystery box and you have to do a challenge to see the budgets. The budgets are $50, $25, $15, and lastly 10 dollars. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do this i think t would go great with all the fidget things. PLEASE COPY AND PASTE IT TO SPREAD THE WORD

  • Sally Eldrett
    Sally Eldrett

    You should come to south England because it is really nice and fun.

  • Sally Eldrett
    Sally Eldrett

    I am a UK mega legend. Sockie is so brave. I love watching your videos. You are all so kind and brave.

  • Mirte Oliebos
    Mirte Oliebos

    Why and how does Sabre get up at 4.41 tot the gym? That is so ealy!

  • Kristelle Skye
    Kristelle Skye

    At this rate Sabre’s gonna get her Ps before me. (I’m 18 and still have my Ls)

    • rainbowX YT
      rainbowX YT

      @Kristelle Skye Thank you

    • Kristelle Skye
      Kristelle Skye

      @rainbowX YT more like learners and provisional

    • rainbowX YT
      rainbowX YT

      @Kristelle Skye Oh so like license and permit thank you

    • Kristelle Skye
      Kristelle Skye

      @rainbowX YT Ls means you have to drive supervised and if you have Ps you no longer need to be supervised but you still have certain rules you need to follow

    • rainbowX YT
      rainbowX YT

      What does Ps and Ls mean if you don’t mind me asking?


    Good on ya mate Australia’s going good 😊 but me over here in my country: everyone’s in lockdown ahh 😱 doing online is so stressful 🤒😷


    I want to see sabre drive


    We are interested


    No background

  • Jordan Stevenson
    Jordan Stevenson

    No one is going to mention that biggy swore but it was bleeped out if you want to know what time in the video it is 6:10

  • claire Tocco
    claire Tocco

    did biggy swear????

  • Briesa Griffiths-Silva
    Briesa Griffiths-Silva

    OMG saber your'e driving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Briesa Griffiths-Silva
    Briesa Griffiths-Silva

    l wish l could buy some norris nuts merch but we can't afford them

  • Briesa Griffiths-Silva
    Briesa Griffiths-Silva

    biggy did you swear???

  • Per Einar Rødøy
    Per Einar Rødøy

    O.M.G i was surfiiiiiiiiinggggggggggg

  • paris mcgowan
    paris mcgowan

    sabre you dont need to worry about anythink you are beautifull they way you are and dont lisen to what people say about your body because nobody is the same right? who with me :) ps i love you vids you put so many hours to them and they are just amazing

  • Miss Bloxy
    Miss Bloxy

    am i the only one that heard buggy swear no deal or anything I still love the norrisnuts but like........

  • GabrielleCabiso

    Me, naz and biggy has the same tooth gap, missing tooth or a growing tooth at the sides. Crazzyy