We tell Naz she's getting to keep her dream pet. Watch for the extra surprise...
Norris Nuts Family Camping (gone wrong)

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In this video we see Naz's reaction to finding out she will be getting a guinea pig. Not just for 24hrs but for it's whole life forever. But there's also an extra surprise where she finds out she will actually be getting not just one guinea pig but TWO guinea pigs!

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  • The Norris Nuts
    The Norris Nuts

    Watch More of Us here ... WE RECREATE TIKTOK STARS Dances Norris Nuts Family Camping (gone wrong)

    • Irina Abraamyan
      Irina Abraamyan


    • Karen Bryant
      Karen Bryant

      @謝佩芳 wat did i do😔

    • Dianna L
      Dianna L


    • 謝佩芳

      @Karen Bryant you are a LOSER

    • Aubrey Hudson
      Aubrey Hudson

      Im so glad she got her dream pet i hope it brings her joy and she now has a big responsibility

  • Lilac comer
    Lilac comer

    I think naz is loving her life right now:)

  • Jawed Oryakhel
    Jawed Oryakhel

    EVERYONE GET THIS TO THE TOP: Naz, Brooke or Justin if you are reading the comments us Legends have some very important information on looking after guinea pigs, We are soo happy you all are getting two guinea pis since they get lonely. But, they need a bigggg space not one a pet shop might recommend you. You should clip their nails once a month, please don't use the harness you don't bring small animals on walks because it could hurt their spine. Don't leave them outside all year, in the summer you can let them out but if is super hot then it will be boiling for them. Make sure they can go outside to eat grass and run around in a big cage but put some shade on the roof, if it gets cold you can but not on freezing days and I recommend watching a proper ISdowns video about how to look after them so you don't take care of them wrong. They can also eat 10-25% of veggies like carrots and cucumber. Only let them out if the grass is DRY. Wet grass can make them sick.

  • Scarlett Palmer
    Scarlett Palmer


  • Scarlett Palmer
    Scarlett Palmer

    It is ok

  • Mark Ward
    Mark Ward

    i love your video

  • Zofz

    ¬ I think the first time nazzy asked for a guinea pig was in the Q&A they did in 2018 ¬ ~am i right~

    • Alxresz

      What’s with the ~

  • Jade moon
    Jade moon

    me; wut was naz thinkin bout? naz: i- brooke biggy and sabre: * spying on naz* biggy: SHE DANCIN OOOOO- naz:*gets suprised* before what justin said: im pretty sure she will be like ' A GUIENEA PIG WHAAAA' legends: it turned le opposite justin- me; * thinks of justin meetin justin from lankybox and justin beiber * me again; DAT A GREAT IDEA-

  • Mubeen Parkar
    Mubeen Parkar

    Molly. Molly .

  • Cooper Ades
    Cooper Ades

    Naz should get a guinea pig she’s a lovely girl


    good things happen to those who wait

  • Naspen Sisters
    Naspen Sisters

    I’m very happy you got a guinea pig I have a hamster myself and a rabbit and for dogs so I am in thank you I am ready to see those little cute munchkins I think you should name itCheeky and Coco

  • Little white wolf pup
    Little white wolf pup

    I’m glad you got baz back

  • Ruby Bremner
    Ruby Bremner

    im crying

  • sina Taulapapa
    sina Taulapapa

    that cool im do not have 1 and hi

  • nikkita blake
    nikkita blake

    naz hurry up and do the laundry already ahhha lol 😂

  • Maizee Marshall
    Maizee Marshall

    Wow can we just appreciate sockies acting skills 👏👏

  • Stephen Rynhart
    Stephen Rynhart

    Now you do have 5m legenda

  • Kristina Carter
    Kristina Carter

    Awwwww I never seen sock cry that made me sad 🥺🥺🥺

  • Hayat Essaidi
    Hayat Essaidi

    Naz: I'm getting a ginae pig?! Mom: but theres a nother twist Naz:😫

  • Amber van den Boogaard
    Amber van den Boogaard

    I,m happy for you nazzy

  • michael stewart
    michael stewart

    They are forgetting that papa is a reason to that naz is getting a pet to

  • RobloxJollyRancher

    7:51 me when my favorite creators post a new video

  • Annika Kendall
    Annika Kendall

    im SO happy for u naz i want a guinea big to but my mum says its to munch work:(

    • alysa tran
      alysa tran

      it IS a lot of work. they should also always be in a pair.

  • Alourixa Playz
    Alourixa Playz

    I’m a fan of them but am I the only one bothered by the fact that Sabre called her mom an idiot?-

  • geof


  • Dino and Uni
    Dino and Uni


  • Amy Thea
    Amy Thea

    Hi us legends care about you and your pets the cage is to small for 2 Guinea pigs.

  • Liane Omandam
    Liane Omandam

    Im very happy for naz cause her dream come dream and love you norris nut be safe

  • Fernando

    Sockie and naz you have good acting skills 😄👊

  • Yanin Saldivar
    Yanin Saldivar


  • Kirsty Hartley
    Kirsty Hartley

    Naz is going yo get a ginny pig awww

  • Eloijah.elijah

    Notice how Naz named her guinea pig baz and which Norris nut has a name like baz? DISCO!

  • Sienna Pignetti
    Sienna Pignetti

    I Love your pet

  • Abbie

    That was such an unnecessarily complicated way of surprising naz. This Guinea pig thing has been dragging on for years. Maybe next time Brooke and Justin should have a basic plan before they turn the cameras on?!

  • Emelie Boyt
    Emelie Boyt

    yay i fell happy i'm sorry for the meen coments

  • Angeline Berwick
    Angeline Berwick

    Congracts naz I'm so happy for you guys

  • Faith Mercier
    Faith Mercier

    Wow congrats 😁🤩😁🤩😁🤩😁🤩

  • Nancy dominguez
    Nancy dominguez


  • Ruby M
    Ruby M

    I am so happy that naz gets a pet

  • Sidney Lynch
    Sidney Lynch

    when u guys said goat I was like :0 cause i LOVE GOATS

  • deborah casey
    deborah casey

    Thank you Justin, Brooke, Sabre, Sockie and Biggy for helping to surprise Naz with a guinea pig

  • Charlotte

    "Forever and ever, . . .until it dies" -Sabre Norris

  • Salma Farghaly
    Salma Farghaly

    They should of not told naz

  • Ava Jardine
    Ava Jardine

    I have got something to tell biggy I said out the car window stay shirimpy

  • Mi mundo De sabores
    Mi mundo De sabores

    Pleas make suree the cage is not to small

  • Hamda Alhamida
    Hamda Alhamida

    Welcome naz

  • Leah Huertas
    Leah Huertas

    why are the norris nuts such good actors and better than any other kid actors i know

  • Ruby Li
    Ruby Li

    naz's reaction warms my heart :)


    This is fake non channel

  • Rachel Walraven
    Rachel Walraven

    Hi I’m ray im new and I’m on Rachel’s phone

  • ⚛YourFamous CouchPotato⚛
    ⚛YourFamous CouchPotato⚛

    Honestly, In my opinion I HATE Guinea pigs. And there weird noises 😖 If any of y'all like them, Congratulations.. Not to hurt anyone's Feelings..

  • amjad salah
    amjad salah

    Nas am getting a guinea pig wowww Saber yes naz forever until it dies

  • M. M. S.
    M. M. S.

    over reaction

  • Amelia Miller
    Amelia Miller

    When she said :HeLOoO,I was laughing

  • kingLo_ gamer
    kingLo_ gamer

    i am criying my geqni pig is not home i lost her

  • o o
    o o

    OMG im so happy for you naz♡

  • Ella franke
    Ella franke

    Forever and ever in till it dies

  • Ella franke
    Ella franke

    *naz find hidden camera* 👁👄👁 Hello

  • Ella franke
    Ella franke

    The justin

  • Ella franke
    Ella franke

    I have a Ginnie pig his name is sqweks

    • Floppy Frog
      Floppy Frog


  • jordynn

    This isn't hate to them but a guinea pig should never ever have that bedding, it can damage their feet and hurt them, they also need a way larger cage, maybe get a blanket and a small play fence around it, they need free range. And they also clean themselves very often, you only need to bathe them if they have like their own poop,on them or just anything else, please don't take this as hate. You should also never put a male and female together they will non stop have babies and the mom can also get aggressive and kill her own babies or even the dad. JUST PLS UPGRADE THEIR ENCLOSURE!! DO NOT BATHE IN WATER, IT CAN KILL THEM!! THEY CLEAN THEMSELVES 😸 THIS ISN'T HATE DO NOT TAKE IT AS HATE! Get paper bedding, or hamster bedding or just get small blankets. Please upgrade their ENCLOSURE they can die of stress since their tank is so small. Their diet is 90% hay so don't feed them guinea pig food,the other 10% is fruits,veggies and other stuff. They need chew toys cause their teeth non stop grow. THIS ISNT HATE DO NOT TAKE IT AS HATE!❤🐹

  • Cailida Damoah
    Cailida Damoah

    I love all of you guys you should always keep the comments on I dont know if you are scare but keep the comments on plss?!

  • Darfynny Carvalho
    Darfynny Carvalho

    To anyone seeing this please like it so the Norris nuts do this. Norris nuts can you PLEASE do a challenge of whoever does the best PAPER SQUISHY wins a mystery box and you have to do a challenge to see the budgets. The budgets are $50, $25, $15, and lastly 10 dollars. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do this i think t would go great with all the fidget things. PLEASE COPY AND PASTE IT TO SPREAD THE WORD

  • Laila Ahad
    Laila Ahad

    Sockie I know how you feel I had a needle on both my arms but it wasn’t that bad

  • Pink Donut
    Pink Donut

    damn it, she got a guinea pig, I was hoping she wouldn't

  • Gabbythegymnast

    I have two

  • ღTadashi Yamaguchiღ
    ღTadashi Yamaguchiღ

    7:50 Ok that’s horrifying

  • Francis Lumbreras
    Francis Lumbreras

    This is my big sis dp as well!shes getting it soon!!:)

  • Jerzee and Della’s world! Awesome!
    Jerzee and Della’s world! Awesome!

    Well I can’t believe it’s already been a month and she’s had been having a guinea pig for a month that’s crazy he doesn’t really feel that long at all

  • Sofi Loarca
    Sofi Loarca

    Did sabre call her mom " you idiot" ?!?!?!?!

  • Mylah Mc Farland
    Mylah Mc Farland

    Bring bunny back to the vlogs!!! Please help spread the word legends

  • ꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄ 𒐪 ꧄꧄
    ꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄ 𒐪 ꧄꧄

    now get biggy a lamborghini

  • Jennifer Cannell
    Jennifer Cannell

    I love how Naz share's her guinea pig's with biggie when she earned the guinea pig's.

  • Mina alien queen 👑
    Mina alien queen 👑

    Yess naz got a Guinea pig

  • Airlie Jayne
    Airlie Jayne

    Has anyone realise that disco’s middle name is Baz ‘O and that his guinea pigs name is Baz

  • Leeah Cos
    Leeah Cos

    My friend has 2 guinea pigs and I play with them whenever I go to her house you can let them run around a little as long as where they are there isn’t sharp objects in the floor they could get hurt on and if you are taking them out to play around put them on towels because when I was playing with them the guinea pig peed on the floor but luckily it was on a towel

  • Sheridan Randle
    Sheridan Randle

    Boy is that the one that I have I need for the whole family to be with me for the

  • Perfect Mobile
    Perfect Mobile

    I didn’t watch this channel for a long time, though now I watch this channel everyday, And Congrats Naz!

  • Bestie Aesthetics
    Bestie Aesthetics


  • Bestie Aesthetics
    Bestie Aesthetics

    Sickie I hate needles too don’t worry be happy Becouse it’s for your Health so when you get a needle 💉 go to your happy place 😊

  • Navoda Jayawardena
    Navoda Jayawardena

    Can you please do a part two of 21

  • kalin cross
    kalin cross

    sockie lm scard of needle too

  • Alohax Vlogs
    Alohax Vlogs

    That wasn’t food it was a treat. Idk if you meant to do that xx

  • Talia Williams
    Talia Williams

    You guys are amazing

  • M. M. S.
    M. M. S.

    bro first pet messed up I've had like 8

  • earthwindrainfire

    I was like her growing up just I never got it:(

  • Oli the Orange - R.I.P Bubba♡
    Oli the Orange - R.I.P Bubba♡

    I died at 7:40 and 7:51

  • Ruby-Eve Parsons
    Ruby-Eve Parsons


  • Yesenia Zunun
    Yesenia Zunun

    biggy be like you get to keep it forever and forever untill is dies naz happy sab speechles

  • Patricia Hayes
    Patricia Hayes


  • Cooper Meyer and Benny Meyer
    Cooper Meyer and Benny Meyer

    I never knew that sokie had good acting

    • Alxresz


  • Roxy Shorts
    Roxy Shorts

    Oh my god- I'm crying - I have two guinea pigs but I have not been a good owner and now I have to give them away I just- I'm sorry piper and Bianca I've been a bad owner

  • Paul Lomax
    Paul Lomax


  • Kathryn Metcalfe
    Kathryn Metcalfe

    Naz has an amazing personality

  • Kathryn Metcalfe
    Kathryn Metcalfe

    What have you called the guinea pigs

  • Ines Heredia
    Ines Heredia

    i love how they got to they are so caring because guinea pigs need tone another.

  • It’s Chloe
    It’s Chloe

    7:52 what the last Cheeto puff sees before I eat it

  • Hannah morris
    Hannah morris

    I've waited for this!

  • lucyS2333

    Cutie pie 👌