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In this video we have an important desicion to make with Sockie. She has some medical tests due so she has to decided to have them now or hope things will work out later. Mama and Biggy also have a swimming race (shock result)

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  • The Norris Nuts
    The Norris Nuts

    WATCH NEXT - Naz Guinea Pig FINALLY isdowns.info/lift/upbYg6Fkg4Zpj6c/v-deo Norris Nuts Family Camping (gone wrong) isdowns.info/lift/ymzJaoSmqISNg6s/v-deo WE RECREATE TIKTOK STARS Dances isdowns.info/lift/qprKe3mJn2d9hbc/v-deo

    • Ivonette Manyanga
      Ivonette Manyanga

      Hi TNN

    • Derrik Loofbourrow
      Derrik Loofbourrow

      Hay Sockie, I know it is hard, I will never understand what your going through as a young woman. Puberty is a ruff thing I'm just now at the ending stage. I want you to know that we love you no matter what. Your going to have some ruff patches and some smooth patches along the way. But without those ruff ones we can't enjoy the smooth ones. You are a strong young woman, and you are very beautiful and lucky to such a beautiful family, don't take it for granted, I did and I regret it. And Biggy that bond between you and your little sister is a priceless thing, it brought joy to my heart to see you two. With love to all the Norris Nuts have a wonderful life. Run wild live free and love strong. Yours truly Derrik

    • Anoud Alabdulghani
      Anoud Alabdulghani

      @Genieofthelamp 4 ya

    • Lester Piwowarczyk
      Lester Piwowarczyk

      Hii norris nuts!! Pls read, I have a idea to make sockie grow!! She can do stretching every single day, I heard stretching your back can help grow!! It might not be a bug difference but you will grow!! This works for anyone so even Sabre can do this :)

    • julie rayas
      julie rayas


  • Phoebe Ebosele-Park
    Phoebe Ebosele-Park

    Hi naz no offence but saying pester power is not a compliment for everyone

  • Ella Pilling
    Ella Pilling

    6:23 I jumped too!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Naomi Brett
    Naomi Brett

    I did NOT make this comment, but I feel the need to repeat it! "THis is really important. Dont breed the guinea pigs. Breeding is extremely dangerous for guinea pigs and often results in the death of the mother!!!! Please get this to the top xx"

  • Leoni Van Staden
    Leoni Van Staden

    Dear Sockie I know it seems very scary to get a needle.. I had to get one every year in my old school to protect us from any bad sicknesses and to be honest, I couldnt imagine how scary it would be. Once the day came that I had to get it, I focused on good things in my head.. closed my eyes and just smiled. It wasnt that scary anymore. It didnt hurt at all and just to let you know: With ALL the SUPPORT for Sockie, you can get through this! true legends stick together and support eachother all the time! Please be brave and stay happy!! STAY SHRIMPYYYY

  • VexBread

    Sockie i reckon you get the tests sooner so you can find out sooner to hekp you we all love you sockie (ps your my favorite out of all of them)

  • Briesa Griffiths-Silva
    Briesa Griffiths-Silva

    WAIT FOR 6 MOUNTHS!!!!!!!

  • •A.Nobody•

    I think Sockie should take the test now because if she doesn’t take it now, she would have to worry about it later, if she does take the test in 6 months - she is going to be afraid and worry about the future.

  • kerry morley
    kerry morley

    biggy getting a call from a random person biggy:StAy ShRiMpY

  • Peanut butter & Jelly_
    Peanut butter & Jelly_

    Hey, I think Sockie should get the tests now. May as well get over them? (Since you’re going to have them anyway)

  • lilian moonlion
    lilian moonlion

    Sockie u are so brave just get out there and show the whos brave!! I hope everything goes well🤞catch me nuckles🖐👊

  • WobbleDog

    Sockie I have some advice. Maybe do the test straight away and don't wait 6 months because once you get it over and done with you'll feel better.

  • Paula Watson
    Paula Watson

    Don’t worry sickie I think you should get the tests because it’s better for you! But it’s ur choice!

  • Jurnee and Friends
    Jurnee and Friends

    Do what you want to do but your family is here to support you and us

  • Pelagia Nicolakis
    Pelagia Nicolakis

    LEGENDS PLEASE GET THIS TO THE TOP SO SOCKIE CAN SEE!!!!:)))). I think you should do it:) I know you'll be ok sockie your one of the strongest norris nuts so is, sabre because you both are just very strong in your heart and your head and overall you guys just are but sockie I think you should just get it over with so it would be a big weight off your shoulders but no matter what you do you have SOOO many people looking out for you like, your family, your 5.58M fans (including me:))))!!) And whatever decision you make were all going to support it because we love you sockie:)🌼❤

  • B0T_Chxxs


  • R'zhaye Tuhua
    R'zhaye Tuhua

    Sockie you should get it in 6moth because you have to be brave think before you do it

  • Dakota Wynne
    Dakota Wynne

    You girl just have to believe in yourself and know that your beautiful no matter what

  • Estella.Nitschke_

    I think Sabre should have a fashion channel for her and can share with the others if she wants spread the word legends ✨

  • Harmster Surprise
    Harmster Surprise

    Norris nuts you should do a day with the guinea pigs life pls see this idea 😚

  • Kyleigh McGoon
    Kyleigh McGoon

    Sockie this is for you stayyyy shirpy stayyyyy shirpy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ღ Hillary Unicorn ღ
    ღ Hillary Unicorn ღ

    Naz is so nice, sweet and cute!

  • dan danny
    dan danny

    I think she should stay home and wait

  • Abdullah Salman
    Abdullah Salman

    I think definitely think that Sockie should wait for 6 months as after all she has to get tests done after 6 months

  • Olivia Hola
    Olivia Hola

    Mum always talks about how flabby she looks but in the wetsuit she look amazing Brooke your beautiful

  • Emilyplayzs

    heyy sock its okay im 13 and ive stopped growning i think its just a time when you grow and stop so the rest of your body can grow x dont worry stay strong - emily

  • Susan Demers
    Susan Demers

    My whole family hasn't developed until 14 so u should wait a little bit longer just to see

  • Ocean Bakdkdbdnf
    Ocean Bakdkdbdnf

    Don't breed the guinea pigs it's dangerous and often results in death of the mother (not my comment )


    Naz shows a lot of love to cheddar but not as much as she shows Baz

  • Denise King
    Denise King

    awww your so nice naz

  • Jade Plays Stuff
    Jade Plays Stuff

    Dear Papa Norris, Thank you for buying Naz a guinea pig after all these years. If you didn't give in Naz wouldn't have had her dream come true!

  • Moni XX
    Moni XX

    I’ve been here since the channel name was “Sabre Norris and The Norris Nuts”. True Legends would understand ❤️

    • Zoe Mae
      Zoe Mae

      I feel old lol

    • Naomi Brett
      Naomi Brett

      me to i thought it was quite selfish but then she changed it

    • Audrey Koller
      Audrey Koller

      I remember that

  • O̸𝚕𝚒𝚟𝚎

    Pester Power!😂

  • *little flower*
    *little flower*

    So sockie. I think maybe you should wait six months just to make sure that you definitely don’t have it because you might grow after you get all the test done and then you just get all the test for it no reason so what I would do is wait for six months and see what happens.0

  • Cooper Brock
    Cooper Brock


  • Afet Morina
    Afet Morina

    OK wait just a second I feel like your mom stole you because I don’t know I feel like it I feel like you guys are in danger but like at the same time no

  • Bella Miars
    Bella Miars

    You are powerful you are amazing you are beautiful you are my queen sockie ❤️💗💝

  • ・𝙲𝚘𝚘𝚕 𝚋𝚎𝚊𝚗𝚜・
    ・𝙲𝚘𝚘𝚕 𝚋𝚎𝚊𝚗𝚜・

    maybe waiting is a better idea:)

  • Jacey’s Channel
    Jacey’s Channel

    Me seeing brooks body and hearing her say bad things about it I was shocked. Brookes body is probably in better shape then mine and she is very beautiful and skinny but even if you aren’t skinny your beautiful anyways. Love you Brooke Norris. LIKE THIS TO GET THE TOP FOR BROOKE TO SEE ! Love you legends 🙏

  • sapnap


  • Greg Petzer
    Greg Petzer

    Rather safe then sorry

  • ~UnicornLover.Mercy~

    The "buzz" might be a mating call... Do Guinea pigs have mates? Or calls for mates? I have no idea

  • Armando S
    Armando S

    Sabre: there’s a fridge in the sky Mama:there’s a fridge in the sky. Should we do something ? Sabre:is there food in the fridge ? Me: 🤦‍♀️

  • Tiktok videos straight from my channel x
    Tiktok videos straight from my channel x

    I think you should get the test

  • Kali Sherman
    Kali Sherman

    I would find out now bc it’s better knowing than not knowing

  • Jess the water bender 🧚🏼‍♀️
    Jess the water bender 🧚🏼‍♀️

    Biggy is just way to cocky that’s why he lost he didn’t think that their was a chance that mama would win

  • Abbas Gulamali
    Abbas Gulamali

    hi norris nuts:) u guys are my fav you-tubers and all but i am really worried about sockie and i think she should have her test so if she has the same thing as sabre then she can quickly get all her medical things and there will be no worries -LOVE YOU :D BYEEEEE

    • Abbas Gulamali
      Abbas Gulamali


  • Eliza Dawson
    Eliza Dawson

    Just wait Sockie! Your taller than me and I'm two years older than you! You'll grow and develop when your body is ready too!

  • Serena

    Brooke looks amazing!!!! 🌸

  • Little Artist
    Little Artist

    Sockie I think you should get the tests done now so you know and also it’s better to know sooner bc you can help the problem sooner a Maybe it will take less time to fix it.

  • Chayse Plummer-Vestevich
    Chayse Plummer-Vestevich

    i think sockie should just get it over with because shes gonna get the test anyway

  • Gwen Ploski
    Gwen Ploski

    Sockie you are doing such a great job of being brave and perseverent. If I were you I wouldnt be able to put up with the kind of stress you're going through. I would suggest getting your tests as soon as possible so that way you don't have it hanging over your head for six months. Just remember we're always here to help you

  • Mandy Doddy
    Mandy Doddy

    I love the Norris nuts and i love them all equality

  • 2nd place Aldc
    2nd place Aldc

    Love you guys!

  • 〈Deku〉

    Sock its ok i feel you

  • 〈Deku〉


  • 〈Deku〉


  • Darfynny Carvalho
    Darfynny Carvalho

    To anyone seeing this please like it so the Norris nuts do this. Norris nuts can you PLEASE do a challenge of whoever does the best PAPER SQUISHY wins a mystery box and you have to do a challenge to see the budgets. The budgets are $50, $25, $15, and lastly 10 dollars. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do this i think t would go great with all the fidget things. PLEASE COPY AND PASTE IT TO SPREAD THE WORD

  • Danica Graves
    Danica Graves

    Sockie it could be that you just stop growing and not having the same thing as sab

  • Keela

    You should do the tests and get them done with ur so brave and u can do it 🤗🤗

  • A. Bo
    A. Bo

    I think mama

  • Maya Yato
    Maya Yato

    And my favourite person is the Naz

  • •Strawberry•milkshake•

    The Uber eats part is not fair is say on video kid should be in charge

  • Mxttz


  • alexis smith
    alexis smith

    Love u sokie u should wait

  • Skyla Mckeown
    Skyla Mckeown

    You should take it just to know

  • Mylah Mc Farland
    Mylah Mc Farland

    Bring bunny back to the vlogs!! Please help spread the word legends

  • Nikki Mooney
    Nikki Mooney

    if you get it now you will have nothing to worry about sockei we all love you btw i have some merch and its amzing

  • farida emad
    farida emad


  • Freya Whelan
    Freya Whelan

    I think that you should get the tests now because it is better to find out sooner rather than later.

  • avocat

    I think she should do the tests now just to be sure

  • avocat

    Ur amazing Naz! We love you!!

  • Denza Palelei
    Denza Palelei

    Sockie don't be scared I am a legend and I have had surgery before at first I was scared but then I now know it was for the best so what ever you choose you do it for the best and your happiness will come in the perfect moment

  • Maria

    Hey sock, i hope you’re doing alr, u should definitely get the tests done, what if u do have it? Waiting 6 months will slow the process more if u start from now you’ll see changed in 6 months stay strong

  • ines whitehorne
    ines whitehorne

    i did not create this comment but THis is really important. Dont breed the guinea pigs. Breeding is edtremely dangerous for guinea pigs and often results in the death of the mother!!!! Please get this to the top xx

  • beauvyi

    Your CANT change my mind. Naz is the nicest Norris nut hands down she is literally so sweet and adorable 🥰

  • tony haddad
    tony haddad

    She should and she shouldn’t

  • Sarah Hui
    Sarah Hui

    Biggy’s reaction to Mama Norris winning is too precious

  • Malavika Goutam
    Malavika Goutam

    hi norris nuts this is my sisters laptop ! but i love your vids they are soooooooooooo cool

  • XxLuna_BøbaxX

    Norris nuts find fridge in middle of street* Sabre Be like: Wanna go see if theres any food in there?

  • Panda squad
    Panda squad

    Oh and to the nurris nuts please get this to the top! Breeding gunie pigs is EXTREMELY dangerous and could lead to death of the mother!

  • Panda squad
    Panda squad

    Sockie- I know the changes of you seeing this is very low but ill give u my best.either way you are getting the tests if you just get it all over with you won't have ego wait and worry for the six months. I know how scary needles are too you. But its best to find out what's happening then wait with fear.

  • Claudia Grace
    Claudia Grace

    Sockie If I was you I’ll just do the tests so it’s over and done with and you need to worry about doing in the future or whenever you get to do it

  • Elle ❤️
    Elle ❤️

    Sockie you will get through this I know that all the Norris Nuts are strong and will always make it through what life’s challenges throw at them so go tackle this!

  • ivory johnson
    ivory johnson


  • C D
    C D

    Jazzy is so sweet

  • Yasmeen Farhat
    Yasmeen Farhat

    U should have your test


    omg i love yalls chanell

  • Taylor Paige
    Taylor Paige

    Hey Sockie, i know it’s scary going to the hospital because I’ve been there a few times cause of my heart condition, so i understand the needles and everything can be scary but also remember that it’s better to know now. You’re also in a safe place with highly trained doctors who will take really good care of you. Us legends love you and wish you the best of luck. We will support you no matter what.

  • Ava Dellisola
    Ava Dellisola

    I love you guys I liked the video and subbed

  • Maeve Costello
    Maeve Costello

    I'm sad to see how disordered your family is on diet and body shape. Microwavable vegetables aren't enough calories for growing kids, and Brooke you are beautiful, not fat at all, but even if you were, all body shapes and sizes are beautiful. With commenting on how "flabby" you think you are (which btw you are not even close to fat) and by saying "Don't show my lower half, it gets worse as it goes on" and by having challenges like "who can gain the most weight the quickest" it's just not ok. Not for your family, and not for people watching, especially since a bunch of the people watching are kids. Also, eating disorders are so very common. It is so triggering the way you talk and think. Please please look up health at every size, and allow yourself and your kids to eat more- even the things you might think are "unhealthy". This is not a hate comment, this is a concerned comment.

  • Ava Dellisola
    Ava Dellisola

    Well I mean you are gonna get it done anyways. You might as well just get it over and done with sock and I know you are brave and strong

  • Kanari Fisher
    Kanari Fisher

    But I’m not forcing u it’s your decision💕

  • Kanari Fisher
    Kanari Fisher

    Take it bc what if something happeneds and I don’t wanna lose u sock......

  • Puppy gaming1234
    Puppy gaming1234

    I think you should do it for safety and anyway don’t worry about it I have a big big big phobia of needles to

  • Gaaloul Nadine
    Gaaloul Nadine

    Awwww i love naz's leter♡♡

  • czh

    You’re exposed to make a firework sound when you’re raising the lighter

  • Fatima Majeed
    Fatima Majeed

    Dear Sockie I wish that you be good and this hearts for you 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

  • nara kim
    nara kim

    10:55 ur laugh made my day :)

  • Emma Claire
    Emma Claire

    legends always love their vlogs :)