Naz chooses the two Guinea Pigs, would you have picked the same ones?? Watch More below..
Norris Nuts Family Camping (gone wrong)

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In this video we see Naz finally meet her Guinea Pig that she's always wanted. She gets to hold her Guinea pig for the first time as she chooses the Guinea pig from the pet shop.

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  • The Norris Nuts
    The Norris Nuts

    WE RECREATE TIKTOK STARS Dances Norris Nuts Family Camping (gone wrong)

    • lilly.singing

      Pls reply😀😃😄😁😆☺️🥲🤣😂😅😊😇🙂🙃😉😗😘🥰😍😌😙😚😋😛😝🤓🧐🤨🤪😜😎🥸🤩🥳😏😕😟😔😞😒🙁☹️😣😖😫😤😭😢🥺😩😢🥺😩😠😡🤬🤯😳😰😨😱🥶🥵🤭🤔🤗😓😥🤫🤥😶😐😑😧😦😯🙄😬😮😲🥱😴🤤🤢🥴🤐😵😪🤮🤧😷🤒🤕🤑🤠😈👿👹💀👻💩🤡👺🤠🤑👺🤡💩👻💀🎃🤖👾👽☠️😺😸😹😻😼😾😿🙀😽

    • Isabel Butcher
      Isabel Butcher

      You are amazing 🥺💕❤️‍🔥

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      Fidget Animations


    • Billy Edwards
      Billy Edwards


    • Emma Burnett
      Emma Burnett

      Norris Nuts you guys are so nice and I've always wanted a geaunea pig but I wasn't allowed to but then I was allowed to get pet fishes and I get to choose three fishes one day and geaunea pigs are so cute though but luckely I get Pet fishes though and good luck with the geaunea pig jazzy and biggy

  • Kendall Robson
    Kendall Robson

    Nazzy you don’t have to bathe ur guinea pigs and DONT walk it and if u wanna put them on grass put a small play pen down and you should have let the guinea pigs settle in there home for 1-2 days cause there just babies no hate u wanted one forever and u could have done research no hate just research next time

  • Emma Frankland
    Emma Frankland

    just a little tip dont walk or give the Guinea pigs a bath

  • Kylie Snowden
    Kylie Snowden

    You are so lucky you get guinea pigs

  • Layla and sasha Tideswell
    Layla and sasha Tideswell

    Welcome home baz and chedder


    Call them cheder and baz

  • Grace Sin
    Grace Sin

    I am super duper happy bc Nazzy gets a geniea pig

  • Bhadra Nair
    Bhadra Nair

    Any one else think the chorus in the guinea pig song sounds like biggy singing

  • chloe

    nazzy did the guinea pig face 2 years ago!

  • hibah

    Justin’s a serious mood Like he’s been disagreeing for years and hen he finally agrees to get one...doesn’t care lmao

  • ღ Keyla Warburton ღ
    ღ Keyla Warburton ღ

    • *impotent*!!! • • DO NOT WASH THEM they have natural oils • they need cleaning every day!!!!!! • they run 5 miles in the wild they need MUCH bigger cages • DO NOT WALK THEM • they are creatures with emotions of there own with emotion and wellbeing please do a lot of research to care them perfectly

  • Olivia Flack
    Olivia Flack


  • Olivia Flack
    Olivia Flack

    Baz and Cheddar are just like Biggy and Naz! Omg they're so cute!

  • Albie, Sonic and friends
    Albie, Sonic and friends


  • razl3

    Hey, do you remember that pink shirt that u made that says give naz a guinea pig and the song lol

  • Destiny Arol
    Destiny Arol

    Biggy’s face at :32 seconds pls watch it

    • Finley Playz
      Finley Playz


  • bigsley623

    You’re welcome

  • bigsley623


  • Osama Alswari
    Osama Alswari

    Omg omg I need an emergency hug ty ty I helped you guy's get that awwwww lol 😂

  • Jono Bros
    Jono Bros


  • Bwshi Gian
    Bwshi Gian

    Hello Norris nuts so I was just looking at a ISdowns video then I saw guinea pig can eat watermelon if you know that you should give them and I really love that I have a guinea pig to actually eat watermelon and the biggest fan of you I wish I could meet you one day I’m the biggest fan you’re number one fan because I watch all of your videos I watch all of your channels and I even subscribe to Oliver channel 6 Northside for listening to my and I even follow you on TickTock I hope you’re having an amazing life bye

  • PandaQeen123!!

    hey nazz!! you really disurve this you have done so well to desurve it. WOOOOO

  • Lauren Gibbs
    Lauren Gibbs

    Well done Nazzy we are all so glad to give you the gp

  • Tia Harris
    Tia Harris

    This is a great vid

  • Tia Harris
    Tia Harris

    Give Naz a Ginny pig. Come on papa

  • Tia Harris
    Tia Harris

    Give another guinea pig give navigate the pig come on papa

  • Tia Harris
    Tia Harris

    Come on papa

  • Tia Harris
    Tia Harris

    Given as a guinea pig guinea pig pretty please

  • Tia Harris
    Tia Harris

    Boggy is scard of heights

    • Tia Harris
      Tia Harris


    • Tia Harris
      Tia Harris


  • Tia Harris
    Tia Harris

    Awww! 😂😁🤩

  • Eri

    I was once at school camp and people were asking me “do u like guiena pigs” im like “ yeah???????” and then there like “Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww gross you like guiena pigs”

  • Ozy Bloak
    Ozy Bloak

    10:17 I was dying 😂

  • Liam Davenport
    Liam Davenport

    9:14 that is an axolotl

  • it's just Martha
    it's just Martha

    All the people that are Saying don't bath your guinea pigs well they do get oil on the bits and it good to bath them

  • Denver

    Name the peanut butter and jelly lol

  • Spider Chick
    Spider Chick

    When I got 2 guinea pig I was so happy cause it was a birthday present and I called then flash and puffy but 4 months in puffy passed away and when I had flash for a yr he passed away as well of being ill like puffy R.I.P puffy and flash Congrats nazzy i know you will take great care of them

    • Ozy Bloak
      Ozy Bloak

      Rip Puffy and Flash

  • IdkAName

    Make sure that there's vitamin C in their food. Guinea pigs need it but, just like humans, they can't make the vitamin themselves 😊

  • Sea salad
    Sea salad

    I had 26 guinea pigs at once but we needed to sell some 😢

  • Roblox_ Max
    Roblox_ Max

    I think I want a guinea pig to Naz!!! Congratulations to ur guinea pig!!🍬✨

  • TheDarknes

    Biggy im not a litle kid

  • Valeria Alexandra Delgado Cadena
    Valeria Alexandra Delgado Cadena

    congrats naz! I recommend you to get a 5x2 or 6x2 cage for your guinea pigs because they need space to run and also get some toys for them, also do some research for any questions you have. And again CONGRATS!!!

  • presley wilson
    presley wilson

    I know you so are new guinea pig owners but u don't need to wash them nor walk them and they need a much bigger cage I made that mistake when I first got my two but they have a much larger cage

  • Skye Andrews
    Skye Andrews

    i thought she was getting 2?!

  • L.M JR
    L.M JR

    My dad takes my dang on a walk

  • Rayan Shire
    Rayan Shire

    Waited 10 years for a dinner that you wish to have Bing map again

  • Galina Poulain
    Galina Poulain

    The one she held first looks like my guinea pig

  • rosie scott
    rosie scott

    Go team ginipig!

  • Alexandria Cheah
    Alexandria Cheah

    Hey that Guinea pig cage is so small

  • Ella Pentland
    Ella Pentland

    I'm happy for u naz!

  • Aynour Fawakhry
    Aynour Fawakhry

    Brown gp

  • Terresha Phillips
    Terresha Phillips

    Name them Maz and Baz

  • Mia ROCCA
    Mia ROCCA

    wait so are the guniea pigs male female or both ?

    • Arman Faris
      Arman Faris

      They are both males since if they are different gender they gonna mate and then breed which is idk bad i guess it depends on what perspective..

  • Little_ Pig
    Little_ Pig

    When Naz turned 21 again, and said that they aren’t that hard to take care of… me: Yeah imma have to pass on that on 😂

  • Amber van den Boogaard
    Amber van den Boogaard


  • Niki Fandom
    Niki Fandom

    When I got my gunini q pigs my dad didn’t want them to begin with but after we had them he loved them so much ☺️

  • Adam Moosa
    Adam Moosa


  • Bling Roblox!
    Bling Roblox!

    here's some advice about you r new let pls don't bath it it's reall dangerous

  • Ella Grace
    Ella Grace

    Cheddar and baz

  • Adira Nailah maribel Rasia Roblox fun ✨
    Adira Nailah maribel Rasia Roblox fun ✨

    Hi I will like

  • RobloxJollyRancher

    Please dont wash or walk ur guinea pig

  • Mom Dad
    Mom Dad

    Don’t put them on leashes!!!!!

  • Denise Melanson
    Denise Melanson

    by the way the dad eats the babys

  • Angel Chub
    Angel Chub

    Nancy crying Nation for getting a guinea pig I'm so proud of you my name is Helen and my brother is Angel bye bye Nancy

  • Eddika Espinoza
    Eddika Espinoza

    Awwwwwwwwwww they are sooooo cute i love then 💙💚💙💚 i love yall all smmmm

  • Annabel Chung
    Annabel Chung

    Hi Norris Nuts! I am thinking of getting a Guinea Pig, what cage did you guys get? Thank you!

  • Pui Voon Koo
    Pui Voon Koo

    10 years u are only 7

    • Arman Faris
      Arman Faris

      DUDE naz is 11 she is a preteen now

  • Dawson Trost / The Twins 👯
    Dawson Trost / The Twins 👯

    Haha sheeeeeeeeeesh is literally what's all the kids say at school now it's aaaa sheeeeesh

  • chari poon
    chari poon

    It is Nazzy's desishoin

  • Afzol Khan
    Afzol Khan


  • Zara Stanford
    Zara Stanford

    Don’t worry slender man my mum is petrified of Bridges😃

  • Therealgamerz

    They are ADORABLE! But NEVER take them on walks! It honestly very bad for them! And NEVER bathe them unless it’s necessary, no matter how bad they do smell don’t do it! If they have bugs, call a vet, they will give you a special shampoo. Make sure you feed them daily, I recommend getting a whole bag of food! It’s much better, and if you can get a big bag of bedding! They sell the bag of food and bedding at Walmart for cheap!

  • Savannah Charron
    Savannah Charron

    I was soo happy that Naz got her dream pet! She made a whole song she really wanted it!

  • person

    My gunnie pig passed a few days ago so I'm so happy you got some congratulations naz

  • karmen ketron
    karmen ketron

    I also have a guinea pig in its a boy in the name of it is Ronnie it looks like the one off of Doctor Dolittle just the other eye is white has white fur on it so yeah and when you take your guinea pig outside do not let it run on the grass because it will try to go under house under a car or under something and it might do that because it won't start my guinea pig I put him outside on the grass and he tried to go under trampoline but it's okay because I quickly got him and guess what I can go under the trampoline it's big enough so I can easily get him under there but make sure not to do that okay okay I love you Norris nuts

  • laurett trout
    laurett trout

    SHEEEEEEESH there ya go

  • Sam's Camera
    Sam's Camera

    I said hello to a parrot before and they never said hi back

  • Athena Frizzell
    Athena Frizzell


  • Elisabeth Reilly
    Elisabeth Reilly

    I cried watching this because I gave away my guineas 2 weeks ago 🥺😢😭

  • Zjana Mharee Biador
    Zjana Mharee Biador

    Oh I am really really happy for naz she finaliy did it I am crying tears of joy😭😭😭🤗🤗🤗♥️♥️♥️

  • Jillian's world
    Jillian's world

    I had a guinea pig names smores then he lasted 3 years and he died then I got one on Easter and his name is Henry.he is 4 month olds

  • Wizarding wolf
    Wizarding wolf

    Yes u do need to bathe the Guinea pigs cause when me and my sister got one we had to bathe it

  • Wizarding wolf
    Wizarding wolf

    Now they should get sockie a chicken

  • Lyla Parris
    Lyla Parris

    Love you channel but you should have researched before you bought them

  • gOaT skEE
    gOaT skEE

    Your well wllcome

  • gOaT skEE
    gOaT skEE


  • Coco & Liv
    Coco & Liv

    you should use a water bowl because the water bottle that you are using for your guinea Pigs to drink there water can get bacteria in it but the guinea Pigs might be used to drinking from a water bottle

  • Kennedy Kunzman
    Kennedy Kunzman

    Please do not take you Guinea pigs on walks or give them baths!!! Walking them is a great way to loose them wnd get them hurt. Bathing them causes them so much stress and Dan make them sick- they clean themselves. Alos I do not recommend breeding. I did that once’s on accident and it ended bad.

  • Vicky Brown
    Vicky Brown

    I went to my friends house and held her guinea pigs so now I am begging my mum for one. Also has everyone forgotten about Fishy Nazzy’s fish.

  • malaiahaa Boonee
    malaiahaa Boonee

    Ok so I'm not todley sure but whenever they bread and have babies u need to take them out because they will try to rat the babies

  • Random person
    Random person

    That cage is WAYYYY too small for 2 piggies! Please consider doing more reserch!!

  • Rocky Buckles
    Rocky Buckles

    I was a HUGE fan until amoung us videos, First video I watched when i came back

  • Zionna Thomas
    Zionna Thomas

    The bird was so funny hello 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Georgia barrow
    Georgia barrow

    Give Biggie a great shrimp

  • Devon Grant
    Devon Grant

    Where is Nazs bunny since she got the g p i do not she her with bunny

  • indiecoree

    I just wanna say that you don't need bedding you can just get a blanket for the bottom of the cage for friction! :)

  • passion fruit jelly 🦒
    passion fruit jelly 🦒

    I am happy for you getting won:)

  • Everilis Santana
    Everilis Santana

    Also, don’t Ake them for a walk with the leash or take them outside because they could easily escape and get lost

  • Everilis Santana
    Everilis Santana

    You don’t really have the bath the Guinea pigs


    I have some be carful they bite

  • Sese Girl
    Sese Girl

    ⚠️LIKE SO THEY CAN SEE⚠️ I know it’s your first time owning guinea pigs, but you need to know how to take care of them properly. (Not a hate comment!) Guinea pigs need much larger cages; that cage may seem big enough but it’s not. Get fleece to put at the bottom of the cage rather than bedding, it’s more cosier to lie on. However, you can do both shavings and fleece to make it more interesting for them! It can take weeks to tame guinea pigs if not years, me being a guinea pig owner, my piggy took over a year to trust me completely!(All of them are different, I’m not saying this will happen for you guys I’m just saying it’s not as simple as you think, however guinea pigs can be tamed quickly.) Before people ask, I did do all the usual things to tame them but it was just a nervy guinea pig. (Hand feeding is a big part of taming!) anyway have fun owning a guinea pig they are great but here’s some last helpful tips: feed them a variety of vegetables around 2-3 times a day depending on the portion sizes, that guinea pig treat you had isn’t healthy for them I don’t recommend buying it again, if you feed them guinea pig pellets/nuggets give them a very small amount as it’s not that good for them if they get over fed, hay is there main source in there diet give them unlimited hay (try get the best hay for your guinea pig, if the hay looks almost straw like then I recommend switching), make sure you clean there cage atleast once a week or once every two weeks (they poo a lot.) DONT WALK YOUR GUINEA PIG ITS A TERRIBLE IDEA..TRUST ME, take them out for floor time as they need exercise, I recommend a run for them to put outside. Tell me if I missed anything I’ll edit my comment to add it! Sorry taht I’m soo late.