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In this video we find out if the Norris Nuts can handle looking after the two Norris NUts babies for the day. If Sabre (the oldest) can make responsible decisions, she will be rewarded with a iPhone 12 pro Max at the end of the video. The Norris Nuts think that becoming parents for the day will be a breeze and they have planned pizza for breakfast. Then the Norris Nuts plan to take Disco and Charm to the beach for a play. The Big Activity for the day is a trip to the farm where they have animals you can pet and feed. Finally the Norris Nuts need to put the babies to bed in their cots and then assess whether they think that Sabre has been responsible for the day to get the iPhone Pro Max 12.

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  • The Norris Nuts
    The Norris Nuts

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    • Joanna's Reborn Nursery
      Joanna's Reborn Nursery

      I love u norris nuts I'm a legend I'm a huge mega big legendd

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      Family Prescher

      I love all those videos

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      Michelle Caffin

      Hi I'm so glad so so glad


      Norris nuts, I was trying to sign up in WoP but theres to much verification stuff and i cant put the name i want. I wanted to put Elena but its not available it says. Can you please remove some of the verification stuff and the name available-ing

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      Puppy Playz

      @NN CLUES&TEA same

  • Amelia MUJTABA
    Amelia MUJTABA

    Is just me or does charm looks like naz

  • the Miller channel
    the Miller channel

    I'm 9 and I have a phone so I think sabre should have a phone bc my sister has a phone and she's 16

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    Kat Hoyland

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    Nayia Ikonomopoulos

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  • Jillian.101


  • annaliese.Nancy.Tuttle

    All saver clears about is the USA legands

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    Celine Khalil

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    Ulani Birch

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    Lily Gualter

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    Layla Treadwell

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    Bunt Sisters

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    Zoe Hanson

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    Gacha Hybrid

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    swifty 199

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    12:06 Brooke and Justin were playing uno

  • Alexis🥵

    10:55 charm is finding her real parents not the ones that adopted her

  • Danielle Miller
    Danielle Miller

    I feel like she double of got the phone because she was good looking after the babys

  • Alexis🥵

    Sockie: by the looks of it Me: the babies are roaches? Sockie 2021

  • Ava Middleton
    Ava Middleton

    the norris nuts are the best parents

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    Sonya Nobes


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    Ghissa Mallarangeng

    My first phone was at 5 so i think a 16 yo should have as phoneeeee

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    luna scarpinato

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    Bjørk Jepsen

    I Got my phone when i was 10...

  • Irene Woo
    Irene Woo

    I think Sabre shouldn’t have to win a challenge to win a phone because she is 16 and is almost a young adult. + having a another kid would be fun but the older kids also need attention


    actualy you should get SAB a phone bcz my brothers are 11 and 6 and they have one phone each and I have a Tablet

  • loyal Norris rip bubba
    loyal Norris rip bubba

    Pls give Sabre a phone she is big now !

  • loyal Norris rip bubba
    loyal Norris rip bubba

    Pls give Sabre a phone she is big now !

  • Jules Story girl
    Jules Story girl

    I like how Sabre helped her when they were at the farm

  • Jodie Smith
    Jodie Smith

    Sabre should get a phone

  • roblox girl
    roblox girl

    I live in Sydney

  • roblox girl
    roblox girl

    Use guys are the best I admire use guys I’m the same age as naz but my birthday date is January 192010

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    Sanaya Silv

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    Tallulah Grace Haywood

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    People from 8 have phones pls get sabre a phone

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    kids fun play time

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    Claire McNaughton

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    Nella Jones

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  • Hello! Norris nut fan
    Hello! Norris nut fan

    Please papa and mama

    • Hello! Norris nut fan
      Hello! Norris nut fan

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  • The Two Super Sisters
    The Two Super Sisters

    Charm is so cute

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    Lacey Gardiner

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    REDMORE Abby

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    Audrey Koller

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    Kashd0ll. dreaa

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    Rayann Trujillo

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    Itswavy_ Arie

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  • The Anyanwu family ~Davi and Lizi
    The Anyanwu family ~Davi and Lizi

    Norris nuts fam Justin Norris also known as Papa Brooke Norris also known as Slendermum Sabre Elle Norris Sockie Jaye Norris Biggy (iforgothismiddlename Norris THE YOuNGins Naz Norris Disco Norris Charm Norris

  • Hana Abdelhady
    Hana Abdelhady

    I’m not a hater but I really think your parents should talk less or make their own channel to talk on

  • Hana Abdelhady
    Hana Abdelhady

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  • leah rabett
    leah rabett

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    Daisy Cattanach

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  • Rihanna Plays Games
    Rihanna Plays Games

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    Daisy Louise

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    Fatima Majeed

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    Maddie Aesthetic

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    I dont like the end of this. I mean Sabre was actually quite good. I have done this challenge before and its difficult. and because babies when they walk they dont make mutch noise it was hard to tell where they were. So Sabre did disurve that and was responcible but the ithers said she was not. and i thought you were all nice to eatchother. maybe next time maybe let her do more stuff. you did not really let her do mutch today. and she was looking after the youngest one. the more younge the more harder it is

  • ~Midnight Moo~
    ~Midnight Moo~

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    Rhaize Ninte UwU

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  • That one bookworm ^_^
    That one bookworm ^_^

    I fell like sabre was being quite responsible. When disco went in the ball pit it wasn't her fault. All the norris nuts could of helped her but they ran off looking at toys. I imagine it would be hard to look after two babies at the same time as trying to record a vlog. I just feel like she does deserve her own phone because no one was helping her when they could have

  • Fran

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    elite_ mato

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    Freya Cook

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    Freya Cook

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    Freya Cook

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    Signe Gabrielsson

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  • Life with Brenna
    Life with Brenna

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  • Life with Brenna
    Life with Brenna

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  • Dillan Wiggins
    Dillan Wiggins

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  • No Lol
    No Lol

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    Jaide's vlogs

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